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Refresh Your Home for Summer: The Best Colors to Try

You can feel the summer season through the winds and heat of the sun. The season for swimming, getting a tan, and going to the beach is finally here. It's time to get soaked in a cold bath to relieve the hot feeling. While other people prepare umbrellas, sunscreen, surfboards, and swimsuits to get on the beach, some people take this opportunity to repaint their homes and use the sunny weather to fix their homes.

Furthermore, painting your walls with the right colors can bring positive energy. Without color, your house may become lifeless and dull. So, while others are using the time to swim on the beach for refreshment, you can also enjoy choosing the perfect paint colors with matching decorative switch plates so your house can refresh. What are the best colors for house refreshments this summer? Here are the colors that you should try for a home refreshment.

 chrome wallplate cover

Light Gray

To start your summer season, choosing neutral tone colors is the safest way to have a refreshing paint color. Light gray paint is a versatile color to use. It can match different types of furniture in your interiors. Even if you have warm or cold-colored furniture, it will match every color you pair them with. If you want to avoid experimenting with different colors, light gray colors are the one for you.

The light gray color is the perfect refreshment for the summer season. It has a lighter tone that will not absorb much sunlight, so you can rest assured that your home will still have a cool breeze during hot weather. After you paint your walls a light gray, take pictures for Instagram due to its elegant and luxurious appearance.

Sky Blue

Blue is the favorite color of a lot of people. Sky blue is a lovely color to choose from. It is calm and soothing, which is best for relaxation during hot weather. Blue is a refreshing color for hot summer weather since it resembles the color of the sky. Also, if you plan to rearrange your furniture to have a focal point, blue suits you.

Due to the relaxing and elegant appearance of the sky blue, creating a focal point in your interior space is an excellent refreshment for your summer home project. In addition, the lovely color can manage its color to distribute evenly to match with existing furniture in your interior room to have a cozy ambiance.

golden yellow wallplate covers 

Yellow or Golden Yellow

The yellow color is perfect if you want your neutral-colored furniture to stand out. The bright colors give off a vibrant feeling that gives off an energetic mood to start your day in a hot summertime. The chirpy shade of yellow perfectly matches the sunlight on a hot summer day. In addition, it enhances the lighting in your house, which is a great refreshment.

The color yellow avoids an overpowering look and gives a wave of balance to its surroundings. The color will keep the shine of your focal points. It is a perfect wall color to be a background for your photos during the summer season. The aesthetics of having a yellow-colored wall is top-level. Choose yellow or golden yellow if you want an aesthetically pleasing color to match your interiors.


Pastel colors are trending nowadays. It is mostly used in clothing, accessories, and shoes. Like coral, the cozy vibe that pastel colors bring to the table is an excellent refreshment from the usual colors seen in residential houses. In addition, the coral hue gives charming color reminiscent of summer and the sea. If you want to be closer to the sea without overwhelming an ocean-colored home, then coral is just the right color palette. 

This pastel color will not make your home looks silly and like a kiddie playground. Instead, painting your summer house in pastel colors means going soft in your interiors to lighten the mood and give off a relaxing ambiance for hot weather in the summer. Plus, if you have other furniture with a navy color, then the coral pastel color will perfectly match your house.


As mentioned earlier, coral color is best paired with navy color. However, it does not mean that navy colors will not stand independently. It is still a glorious color to try for your home, and you can pair it with different styles and colors, not just coral color. Also, its neutral colors make it easy to look for other colors to pair.

The navy color gives off a marine vibe; just like coral, it makes you feel closer to the sea. Its accent can enhance any furniture that you choose to be a centerpiece. The color gives a calm feeling to your home and is a dramatic option that helps your house to have a shade of coziness.

 green light switch plates

Sea Green

If you want to feel the ocean and be closer to it, sea green is another pastel color that will provide calmness and aesthetics to your home. Sea green is a gorgeous color that paints freshness whenever you think about a beach inserted in your interiors. The pastel color is perfect for bedroom walls, and when its matches similar colored bed accessories, it becomes the ideal color palette for your home in the summer.

As the color still contains a tiny amount of color blue, the color of the ocean and sky gives a relaxing and excellent color meditation during the summer. Not only will your house get refreshment for the summer, but also your soul. And lastly, since it resembles a seafoam green, it offers tranquility to your home.

Lime Green

The last color on this list that you should try this summer is Lime Green. If you feel like the color of your home does not fit with the rest of the furniture or doesn't have the spirit of the summer, it is time to add the color Lime green. It matched perfectly with lovely artwork and neutral furniture. In addition, the color is cozy and calm if you want to be intimate with your loved ones in the summer.

Lastly, if you are still looking for the perfect match for lime green, rest assured, as it is also one of the most versatile colors you can pair easily. In addition, you will feel closer to nature when you choose to have a lime green color in your home; to top it all off, it promotes liveliness, freshness, and creativity.

 best summer colors for wallplate cover home decor

A House refreshment in the hot summer weather!

Whatever itinerary you have a plan for the summer vacation, you will never be satisfied without accomplishing something to your home. Experimenting with the different color palettes in your home allows you to choose which color is the perfect match for your personality. Whether warm, neutral, or cold, your home will feel refreshed when you buy decorative light switch covers to match your home's colors.

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