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Remodeling Your Kitchen: What Switch Plate Cover to Choose?

A home is a haven and a comfort zone for humans. But, just like a shell of a turtle, you can't separate a house from a person. The kitchen is an essential part of any home. It's the heart of the house, keeping everything running smoothly. Like the blood pumping through your veins, the kitchen ensures everything is fed and your home functions correctly. The kitchen is where it all happens, from cooking meals to washing dishes. It's where memories are made, and families come together to share a meal. So, make sure to take care of your kitchen, and it will take care of you. Engineers and architects called them the "service area" because most of the house's functionalities happen in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the kitchen area needs to be noticed sometimes. It can get dirty and cluttered from time to time. Also, the most noticeable or usual features are kitchen appliances, floors, walls, tiles, and cabinets. You can also see light features but rarely see any wall plate covers. These decorative switch plates can accent your home in the least expected way.

Choosing which is the perfect one for your home is challenging. Here are the best switch plate covers ideas to help homeowners who want to remodel their kitchen.

beige wallplate cover 

Ceramic Switch Plate Covers

The first switch plate cover on this list is the decorative ceramic switch plates. A decorative light switch cover is an instant upgrade compared to your standard white plastic switch plate cover. So what features can you get when you install a ceramic wall plate cover? The first feature that you can already notice is its elegant look.

Switch plates are like jewelry for your walls if replaced with a decorative one. The ceramic switch covers add depth and details to your decor. It is a low-key upgrade since it keeps attention from other design elements in your kitchen. Replacing your plastic switch covers with a decorative ceramic switch plate is excellent. Since it is placed in the kitchen, it is up for heavy-duty use and can last for an extended period.

 screwless light switch cover

Screwless Switchplate Covers

If you want to go for overall aesthetics with your switch plate covers, screwless light plate cover can be the one for you. The screwless switch covers are much cleaner and have a minimalistic appearance, which is why it is the latest trend in switch plates. Plus, it is available in different materials like bronze and nickels, so you can choose the type of material you want for your screwless switch plate.

In addition to its aesthetic looks, some homeowners may need clarification or help to install the switch cover. However, it is easy to install. It still needs a screw, but another layer will cover the outer layer. In that process, it will cover up the screws and leave a clean look on the outer part of the switch plate cover.

 chrome wall plate covers

Chrome Switchplate Covers

Nowadays, most residential homes have modern designs that have minimalistic looks. The minimalistic design offers less cluttered furniture and simplicity and focuses on providing more space between objects. A great addition to that minimalistic design has chrome switch plate covers.


Chrome Light Switch Plate Covers are available in a highly polished reflective shine or a gently brushed luster. It adds a simplistic yet sophisticated shine to your kitchen. The elegant and shiny-looking chrome switch plate covers improve your space instantly. Compared to your white plastic switch cover, chrome switch plates are durable and tough to break. It won't break easily from having a tight screw.

 brass light swithplates

Brass Switchplate Covers

Remodeling your kitchen's switch plate covers can be overwhelming when deciding what materials or designs to choose. Some materials prefer simplicity, some have many patterns, and some are unique. With these factors affecting your decision, one thing can be your solution: brass switch plate covers.

Brass switch plate covers have different designs. You can choose from a minimalistic design for modern houses, a method for a contemporary look, or a filigree pattern for traditional residential dwellings. So if you want your kitchen to improve all the details, getting brass switch plate covers is the safest way. And if they can stand for heavy-duty use, they are. In addition, brass is durable and can lose for a long time.

bronze light wallplate 

Bronze Switchplate Covers

Like brass light switch plates, bronze switch covers also offer different designs that you can choose depending on your preferences. It can differ from the bronze cast, bronze resin, or bronze steel, or if you want to have a visible pattern, it also has a filigree design. Bronze switch plate covers are versatile and can match whatever interior design is for your kitchen area.

The durability of the bronze wallplate covers is also outstanding. You can expect your beautiful new switch plates to last long in your kitchen. The design can match if you have a contemporary design kitchen or even a modern house kitchen. It instantly remodels your overall design to a brand new elegant looking kitchen.

 copper wallplates cover

Copper Switch plate Covers

Out of all the switch plate covers on this list, coppers have unique designs and patterns that you can choose from. You can choose from a minimalistic copper design to a hydro-dripping-look design. The appearance resembles an abstract appearance with a mixture of colors to make an artistic design for a switch plate cover if you are into a painting-looking design for your kitchen area.

The copper light switch plates can match whether your kitchen's interior has a minimalist, modern, contemporary, neo-gothic, or traditional design. It is truly a masterpiece for a fixture that many people slightest notice. And once you've decided to change your copper switch plate cover, they will get a crack with so many years of usage. It is a beautiful design with excellent reliable service for years.

kitchen remodel with switchplate

Remodel your kitchen area with the best switchplate covers.

Having an elegant looking home is what most homeowners wish. However, finding furniture or a fixture that is easy to install and makes your house look pleasant is challenging. Decorating a kitchen is now easier than ever. You can buy your metal light switch covers online with the best designs. If you have a kitchen remodeling project, a switch plate cover is an addition to try.

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