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Should You Replace Your Light Switch Covers?

LED Integrated Wall Plate
You know it’s time to replace your carpet when it’s wrinkling in spots or getting worn out. You know you need to replace your car when it becomes too unreliable to get you anywhere. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your light switch covers? Those little rectangles around your switches get so little attention; you might not even realize that they desperately need to be replaced. Please keep reading to learn a few reasons you should consider replacing them now.

Cracked Plates Are Dangerous

Do you have cracked or broken wall plates in your home? That’s a sure sign that they need to be replaced. Not only are they an eyesore, but exposing those wires behind your outlets and switches can be dangerous. A curious child could reach inside this opening and be shocked, for starters. And over time, dust can accumulate around those wires, providing tinder for an electrical fire.

Cracked and broken wall plates are a genuine hazard to your family and property, and you shouldn’t simply ignore them. Replace them as soon as possible.

Dirty Plate Covers Are Unattractive

No, dirt and dust accumulating on the outside of your wall plates isn’t a hazard like cracked and broken ones are—but that doesn’t mean you want them in your home. You could wipe off dust and clean them relatively well, but there comes a point when the plate covers are just old and grimy. When this happens, no amount of cleaning will fix it, and you should replace them to get a fresh, clean look.

You’re Upgrading Your Switches

Making an upgrade to your lighting isn’t an uncommon home renovation project. You might decide you want to add a dimmer switch to a room, or you might be upgrading to smart lights throughout your home. These changes may require different types of switches than your standard toggle switches, which means you’ll need other light switch covers to fit them. If you’re changing your lighting, make sure you know what switch plate style will fit your new switches.
You might also decide that you want to incorporate some new technology into your home by installing a USB charging outlet in place of a standard outlet. This, of course, needs a different kind of outlet cover too.

You’re Changing the Look

Of course, you don’t need to upgrade your switch plate covers simply for the sake of functionality. You might want to upgrade them to upgrade their look! While most homes come equipped with white plastic wall plates, there are so many more kinds of switch plates out there. Perhaps you want to add a warm copper touch to your walls, or you want a more rustic feel by adding some wood details to a room. Light switch covers are available in both of these kinds of materials and so many more.

So whether your current plates are broken or dirty or merely making an upgrade in your home, all of these are excellent reasons to replace your switch plate covers. Check out our enormous selection of wall plates in all shapes, sizes, combinations, and materials, or contact the Wallplate Warehouse today to learn more about our products.

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