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Choosing the Right Size for Switch Outlet Covers

1-Duplex Switch Plate

Sometimes, a home needs remodeling for a little improvement, at other times the remodeling may be to fix broken areas. Switchplate covers are one of the things to consider when enhancing your home décor. However, there are certain things to consider such as the right size for a switch outlet cover.

There are factors to consider when selecting the right switch outlet cover for your home such as color and orientation. The following is a basic guide to help you when choosing switch outlet covers.

Different Switch Outlet Covers

There are different variations of switch plates covers. For instance, there a Decora switch outlet cover and a duplex outlet cover. Both covers are different in that, the Decora outlet is used for two receptacles, while the duplex outlet is used for one receptacle. Yet both types of outlets come in three different sizes. Therefore, when selecting the right size for switch outlet cover for your home, ensure to describe the type as well as the correct size. Remember, there are several variations for the outlet covers, so do your research well.

Plate Orientation

When selecting the right size for light switch covers, consider the plate orientation. The light outlet covers vary in different orientations. For instance, the decorative switch covers have one type of orientation, and that is a portrait, unlike the normal light outlet covers. This is due to the design on top of the decorative outlet covers that you use to guide you. The light covers come in different orientation despite the different sizes. For instance, a normal light outlet cover can be rotated in all directions since it doesn't have any significant design on top of the cover. Therefore, select the right size, and the type of orientation that matches your taste and preference.


To achieve an intricate home décor, a plate color is significant. The last thing you want to achieve is the right size for a switch outlet cover but in a dull color. Therefore, consider selecting the right color that will attract the eye. If the walls in your home are dull, then consider replacing a matching switch plate cover to complement your home décor. A right size switch outlet cover with a beautiful color will make you the envy of your friends.

switch plate cover

Make a List

When remodeling or changing a home décor, every room in the house requires two to three wall plate covers. Ensure to indicate how many plate covers will be enough before purchasing. By knowing how may plate cover you need for the whole house, you'll be able to account for the cost.

For these, and many more factors, choosing the right size for a switch outlet cover is the ultimate thing to consider. You don't want to waste your money by buying the wrong size. Selecting the right size for a switch outlet cover saves money, and your remodeling project will be complete in good time. By considering the other factors, it's likely that you'll also achieve a beautiful home décor. Get in touch with the Wallplate Warehouse for a right size switch outlet cover.

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