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Small And Affordable Ways to Level Up Your Living Area

We all want to live in the most beautiful houses and apartments, but we're also realistic about our budgets. Only some people can afford to go out and buy new furniture or even redecorate their living quarters. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can improve your living space without spending a lot of money! Here are some tremendous small-scale changes that will bring an instant and noticeable improvement to your home:

Get a new lighting set (or just the bulbs)

If you want to level up your living space and get a new lighting set, the first step is determining what lights are available. Many different types of light sources and bulbs are available in today's market. You can choose from LED or halogen bulbs, which have various benefits for other areas of your home.

A good rule of thumb is that if you want bright light but don't want it too bright or harsh (like putting out our own eyes), consider getting an LED bulb instead of a CFL or incandescent one. It will give off more natural-looking illumination while still being energy efficient.

Add color

There are so many options out there when it comes to wall colors! You could go with something neutral (like white or cream) because it'll go with everything else in the room without being too loud or overpowering. Alternatively, try navy blue or red if you want something brighter than those two options. They will add brightness without making everything seem muddy together like traditional black would do!

upgrade living room decor

Add a rug

Rugs are a great way to add texture and color to your living space. They can also help define the space in your living area, making it more comfortable, warm, and cozy.

  • Add a rug under the coffee table area. It will create an instant focal point for guests who come over every Friday night!
  • Use rugs as seating areas when entertaining friends or family members over at your home.

Change the curtains

Curtain rods come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on your desire, you can buy them pre-assembled or make your own.

If you want to add color or block out light, curtains are a great way to do so! They will also help hide any messes in your living area. For example, you have an open floor plan with many windows but only a little furniture. In that case, curtains can create privacy while allowing natural light into the space. 

Suppose there are no windows or they're too small. In that case, you could use some clever interior design tricks: try using mirrors on opposite walls and lamps below them. It will create depth without taking up too much space!

Get a house plant

Consider getting a house plant if you want to add greener to your life. Not only are they low maintenance, but they also help reduce stress and air quality by filtering the air around them. Some studies have found that plants can even help you sleep better!

And if all this isn't enough to convince you of the benefits of greenery, then consider this: They'll make your living area look great too!


Customize the outlet covers.

Customizing electrical outlet covers is a great way to add personality and style to your home. Black outlet covers hide unsightly electrical outlets by covering them up — and they look terrific! You can also paint your outlet covers red or orange to match your decor more closely.

One of the best things about these covers is that they don't just cover up unsightly outlets — they conceal them completely. It gives you a significant leg up when trying to get rid of an electrical problem without damaging anything else in the room.

Add shelving

Shelves are a great way to add storage and display space to any room. You can build, buy, or borrow from your local library. Shelves are available in many materials: wood, metal, and plastic.

The best places for shelves are on walls that have no windows or doors (so they don't get too hot). If the area you plan on using for shelving has windows or doors that open into other rooms, consider building them onto an interior wall so they'll stay more relaxed.

Shelves also make great accent pieces when placed near a fireplace or along one side of your kitchen cabinets. It gives you easy access to cooking utensils while keeping things organized.

Put in a backsplash.

A backsplash can be the perfect way to bring the kitchen into your home. It can help create a focal point, define the area, and make it feel more spacey. If you want to use this for hiding less-than-perfect walls, consider installing tile or paint in your kitchen instead of wallpaper.

electrical outlet covers for art room

Add artwork and hang it to look like an art gallery.

Artwork can make a room look more exciting and personal. Consider turning it into an art gallery if you want to add some art. Hang your pieces in a way that gives them the most visual impact: they can be organized by color, shape, or theme (or whatever makes sense to you).

When hanging artwork in your living space, there's no wrong way! You can hang them randomly around the room or arrange them into some semblance of order based on their size and color scheme. The key is finding something that inspires you—abstract patterns or geometric shapes—and then going for it!

The space you inhabit can affect your thoughts, feelings, and functions.

These upgrades may seem insignificant, but they're better than thinking, "I can't wait till I have money to redecorate." Take the time to work in small ways to improve the aesthetic quality of your living space. If you like where you live right now, it might spur you to take on more significant projects. It also inspires you to take on DIY projects using your skills and knowledge of your home. Either way, small touches can lead to big things in every aspect of your life.

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