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Kitchen Remodel: Appealing Switch-Plate Covers and Outlets Trends

If you are looking for a kitchen renovation or remodel ideas, consider replacing your outdated electrical outlets with switch plates. Switch plates are available in various materials and finishes that can be installed quickly, easily, and affordably. Light wall plate covers provide an attractive shield between your walls and electrical equipment, but they also protect against accidental touching of metal objects by children or pets.

What are Wallplates?

Wall plates, also known as switch-plate, outlets, and electrical plate covers, provide a decorative barrier between the electrical equipment in your walls and you.

You can use them to hide any number of things:

  • Outlets for lamps and other lights
  • Switches for appliances like refrigerators or freezers
  • Even wires running up from the floor to hidden panels on the ceiling

They are typically made from metal with a glass front that shows off their contents when opened. Some models have no openings, so they don't obstruct anything; others have large holes cut into them, and you can decorate them with whatever you choose to place inside them (like art).

 devon decorative light switch plates

Essential Devon White Steel (1 Toggle Wallplate)

The Devon White Steel (1 Toggle Wallplate) is a basic wall plate to add a decorative accent to any wall with the familiar look of a toggle switch. 

  • It comes in 4 different finishes, including chrome and nickel. 
  • You can also choose between 3 sizes: 1-gang, 2-gang, or 3-gang.

brass decorative light switch plates

Brass switch plates

Brass switch plates are a great way to add a touch of class and elegance to your kitchen. They're heavy, so they don't move around quickly, but they are also durable and long-lasting. It means you won't have to worry about them falling off or breaking down over time.

Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc, with small amounts of other metals added for coloration or strength (such as nickel). The result is an attractive metal with many benefits: it's strong enough to hold up against everyday wear and tear. It doesn't rust easily when exposed to moisture or other corrosive substances like saltwater or chlorine in pools! Also known as "bronze" for its antique appearance when polished correctly, brass has been used since ancient times by civilizations worldwide because they knew how beautiful this material could be when combined with creativity.

ceramic decorative light switch plates

Ceramic light switch plates

Ceramic light switch plates are made of ceramic. This non-conductive material can withstand high temperatures and moisture, making it an ideal choice for switch plates in wet areas. Ceramic also offers superior durability over other materials like metal or plastic.

Ceramic light switch covers come in many colors, shapes, and sizes—and they're often cheaper than traditional light fixtures that require more work to install (i.e., drilling holes). 

bronze decorative light switch plates

Bronze switch plate

Bronze switch plate covers are an excellent choice for various rooms and styles. The warm, golden color of bronze looks excellent in the kitchen or bathroom.

Bronze switch plates are available in many traditional, contemporary, and modern styles. It allows you to easily match your existing decor while maintaining an updated style that complements any home décor theme.

LED lights decorative light switch plates

Wall plates with guide light

Guide lights are a great way to add light and ventilation to your kitchen. They're also inexpensive to significantly impact the overall look of your kitchen's decor by bringing in some extra illumination and visual interest.

Guide lights come in different forms, but there are two main types: wall plates and outlet cover. Both works similarly: they slide over or under your switch plate (or outlet cover). Then plug it into an electrical socket within reach of where you want the guiding light to hang—usually somewhere near the ceiling or one end of a countertop, so it's visible from all angles.

nickel decorative light switch plates

Oversized Brushed Nickel Steel (3-Toggle Wallplate)

Brushed nickel switch plates are attractive in kitchens, bathrooms, and all areas of your home. They are durably made of steel, with a coated finish to add an elegant look to any wall. 

Remember to consider the impact of wall switch covers! 

Switch plates are a great way to add color and personalize your kitchen. The switch plate covers come in many styles, but they're all designed with the same goal: making your home look more attractive.

Switch plates can make a big difference in the overall look of your kitchen, room, and even house! A good-looking switch plate lets you make a statement about who you are as an individual, or if it's just for practical purposes. It'll help keep things organized by giving them their space on the wall.

The only thing is that sometimes people forget about these little details when they remodel their kitchens because there needs to be more money saved up, so we decided this would be our chance!


With so many options available, there's no reason to go without outlet plate covers. They can be the perfect decorative touch for your home! Whether you prefer simple or elaborate designs, we've got you covered with our selection of styles and materials. The best part? These products will save time and money by providing much-needed organization to your home's electrical system.


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