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Stylish Copper Wall Plates to Look for in 2019

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There some updates you can make to your home that require a lot of time and expense. You get a new furniture, roll out new carpeting, paint your interiors, or even take down a wall. If, however, you'd like to change the look of a room without expending all that energy, consider replacing your old tired switch plates with copper wall plates. Decorative wall switch plates made of copper are available in a variety of styles to suit any kind of room. Here are some examples of the types of copper switch plates that are available in 2019.

Sleek and Simple

Copper is a beautiful material all on its own. At once warm and elegant, having copper fixtures around your house adds a splash of elegance without distracting from whatever style that makes up your home. Copper switch plates are available in a smooth brushed copper, a darker antique style, a rough-looking rustic, and a bright, metallic raw copper. Any one of these types of wall plates would look good in practically any type of home. It's all a matter of preference.

Bright Colors

You might think that, if you're looking for brightly colored wall plates, you need something that's tile or ceramic. The fact is, however, copper switch plates come in several different colors. You can choose a more subdued light brown shade such as an Autumn Copper switch plate, or the bold metallic blue of the Azul Copper switch plate. If you have a room rich in wood or forest tones, you can complement the look of your home with the dark green Irish Moss Copper wall plate. If you have a warm white or cream-colored office or living room, you can add a splash of color to match a corresponding piece of red furniture with the Wine Red Copper wall plate. As opposed to the plastic wall plates that exist in most apartments and new homes, copper wall plates don't have to blend in.

Rich Patterns

As you can tell, there's no reason to expect copper switch plates to be flat, subdued fixtures. They can be practically any color and design you like. One of the most popular designs for 2019 is bamboo. Whether your home's look is Asian-themed or not, any room can benefit from either an orange Bamboo Copper switch plate, the darker Bamboo Forest Copper, or the lovely Bamboo Golden Copper. Each type of wall plate has a subtle bamboo design in a shade to work best with however you choose to decorate your home. Other striking patterns include the Enchantment style switch plates. Available in either vertical or horizontal designs, this decidedly modern art-styled wall plate delivers a unique look you can't find anywhere else.

Natural Tones

Besides the look of bamboo, there are other kinds of copper switch plates that are influenced by nature. For instance, Leopard Copper offers a modern, metallic play on the traditional spotted leopard design. While the Zebra Copper wall plate does not have the broad black and white stripes you might expect, it does cross dark, rich copper tones with natural black striations, creating an effect that is both natural and contemporary.

The best way to find the copper switch plates that work best for your home is to browse The experts at Wallplate Warehouse have dozens of copper wall plates as well as several other materials. Check out their selection today!

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