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Stylish White & Almond Wall Plates to Match Any Decor

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White and almond light switch plates have always been some of the most popular wall plates. With their neutral colors, they effortlessly match any colors or designs in any room in your house. This also lets you use them throughout your home, tying each room together, even if the spaces are unique in other ways. Here are some of the reasons to consider these switch plates the next time you’re redecorating.



Suited to Any Style


The biggest advantage of white and almond plates is that they can complement any room, from the very casual to the extremely formal. Whether your style is rustic, shabby chic, or contemporary, these wall plates are guaranteed to match. Not only that, they look equally good in any room of your house--be it your formal dining room, your bedroom, or your bathrooms. They’re extremely versatile colors that can fit anywhere and everywhere.



Don’t Distract from Decor


Another advantage of neutral colors like white and almond is that they won’t distract the eye from the rest of your decor. If you’re eager to show off your new renovations or have a favorite piece of art hanging on your wall, you don’t want your light switch plates to be the thing that catches people’s attention. Subtle switch plates blend in seamlessly to the background so the rest of your room can shine. This is especially important if you have busy wallpaper or a lot of other designs going on in your room--you don’t want competing switch plates that will make your room feel more cluttered.



Appeal to Everyone


One reason neutral wall plates are so popular is because they appeal to just about everyone. Whether you’re trying to come to a compromise with your family or you’re planning on selling your home down the road, neutral colors are the best way to achieve a look everyone’s happy with. Bolder colors or designs might not be as appealing to everyone. In fact, you might want to consider switching to white or almond plates before putting your house on the market to give your house that neutral look buyers are looking for.



Contrasting Colors


On the other hand, white and almond switch plates can also be used to make a bold statement if you so desire. Contrasting these plates with dark switches makes them an instant point of attraction. Black switches and white plates are used in many contemporary designs and can be a striking accent in more formal rooms. Their dramatic appearance is effective at adding some style to a room that lacks that modern flair you’re looking for.



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Many Designs


Just because they have neutral colors doesn’t mean white and almond plates have to be boring. While you can certainly find plain plates for your everyday needs, you can also find a wide variety of decorative light switch plates. These may come with intricate floral designs or striking patterns that instantly give your room a more elegant appearance. These are perfect for your more formal rooms where you entertain family and friends, and are a definite upgrade over your basic wall plates.



Visit our website to see more light switch plate ideas and colors to find the ones that will be a perfect fit for your home.



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