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Nickel Switch Plates: 5 Designs to Complement Your Decor

2-Toggle Imperial Bead Brushed Nickel Cast Wallplate

When decorating your home, some things are more important than others, but small details can matter. A great example is the selection of your wall switch plates. The light switch is one of the first things people notice in your home. It's usually right by the door. With an open floor plan, two or three switches may control different portions of a room. That means a large wall switch plate and one that's very noticeable. Don't let your wall plate detract from the décor of your home. Use nickel switch plates to complement your décor.

Must Haves

Lights are a necessity, and you have to be able to get to them. You can't hide them behind furniture like you do electrical outlets. Wall plates are like knobs on drawers or doors in a house. You can put any knob on a drawer or door, so long as it opens and closes the door, but you want a knob that matches other furniture or accessories in the room. Likewise, any wall plate will serve the purpose of covering your light switch, but you don't have to spend much time or money to make your wall plate more attractive.

Why Choose Nickel

Nickel switch plates have some advantages over plastic plates. Nickel switch plates look more contemporary than plastic switch plates. They don't look like they've been around for years. Nickel switch plates are durable; they don't scratch or crack. A plastic wall plate near an outside door may pick up fingerprints from children coming in from playing in the yard or from someone who's been working in the garden. A nickel plate may flow with the color of your wall better than a traditional white plastic plate.


Nickle switches come in a variety of styles, whether you're looking for something contemporary or traditional. Check out these 5 styles of decorative wall switch plates:

  • Chelsea Brushed Nickel: This wall plate has a modern Art Deco look. The design has a rounded raised edge with an inset line surrounding the plate.
  • Chemal Frost Nickel: This wall plate has a design consisting of 4 horizontal pinstripes separated by solid brushed nickel stripes.
  • Imperial Bead Brushed Nickel: This wall plate is framed with polished edges containing a line and bead design with darts in the corners.
  • Ribbon and Reed Antique Nickel: Reeds wrapped in ribbons surround the wall plate.
  • English Garden Antique Nickel: An embossed floral sprig pattern frames the edges of the wall plate.


Placing nickel switch wall plates throughout your house can add a little extra to your décor. A nickel plate with an antique look complements wooden furniture in a living room or a bedroom. An outdated plastic switch plate can take away from a room of contemporary furniture. A decorative nickel plate can complement framed pictures on your wall. A nickel wall plate looks great in your kitchen area because the color blends nicely with stainless steel appliances. You can buy wall plates for your electrical outlets as well.

2-Toggle Ribbon & Reed Antique Nickel Cast Wallplate

A wall plate with a design can bring a little life to an otherwise dull space on your wall. It can be a conversation starter at a gathering. A decorative wall plate shows you care about details and want to add a little creative touch to the décor of your home.

Wallplate Warehouse offers nickel wall plates in traditional and modern styles. Go online at to find wall plates that will complement your décor.

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