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Switch Plate Covers to Suit Any Style

Wall Outlet Covers

Wallplates are generally designed to blend into their surroundings. They don’t draw attention to themselves and quietly go about their jobs of hiding all those wires behind your switches and outlets. But even if you don’t want a wallplate to be a focal point in your room, that doesn’t mean that it can’t add some style to your space. So ditch the boring plastic, and check out these more stylish options that will still blend beautifully with any décor—while adding a little bit of style all their own.

Chelsea Brushed Nickel Steel

Brushed nickel is a beautiful material for wallplates. The soft gray is neutral enough that it works with most décor and color schemes, but the material elevates the sense of style and quality in your space. The metal is also highly durable, while the brushed finish helps to hide fingerprints and smudges on the surface.

In addition to its neutral coloring, the design of this wallplate is simple enough that it won’t distract from your other décor but still has a distinct style. The raised, beveled edges create a frame-like appearance around the plate for a more unique look than your traditional wallplates.

Century Matte Black Steel

Want neutral wallplates that still add a bit of a dramatic flair? Going black could be just what you’re looking for. Rather than the typical shiny, white plates, you can install matte, black plates to give your space a classy vibe. Adding some darker elements to a room can really help to ground it, so if you feel like your current room design is a bit too light and airy, adding these plates and some other dark elements might help.

The Century Matte Black Steel plate keeps the simple rectangular design of your traditional wall plate, with edges that taper down towards the wall. But with its dark coloring and matte finish, it still has style to spare. As a bonus, this steel is incredibly durable, and with that dark color and matte finish, dirt and smudges will be almost impossible to see.

Savannah Distressed White Wood

So you like white but still want a little more style? The Savannah Distressed White Wood wallplate might be just what you need. With a frame-like design and tapered edges, the style itself adds a bit of variety to your wallplates. However, the wood material and the slight distressing on the edges of the frameset this plate apart. The white still blends well with just about every decorating style and color scheme but adds a bit of variety to the materials in your room. You can give your space a cozy, cottage vibe just by adding these plates to your space. Adding some natural elements like wood can help make your space feel comfortable and inviting without making a huge stylistic change.

Wall Plates

Manhattan Aged Bronze Cast

If your color scheme tends more toward natural tones, with lots of earthy browns, bronze is an excellent material choice. It’s neutral enough to complement and blend with those earthy tones while adding a bit of variety to the materials in the space. The Manhattan Aged Bronze Cast plate has simple styling, with a matte finish and a slightly aged look around the edges. This gives it a solid, timeless look that fits in just about anywhere.

If you’re looking for wall outlet covers and light switch covers with more style but don’t overwhelm a space, check out our large selection of wallplates here at the Wallplate Warehouse. You’re sure to find something that fits in with your style while bringing an extra flair all its own.

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