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Guide to Updating Your Light Switches and Outlets

Light Switch Plates

Old and outdated fixtures in your home, no matter how small, can significantly impact the look and feel of your space. While you might not think that those old, beige light switch plates draw much attention, they can date your home and make it feel just a little bit dingier. Even if your switch plates are white, scratches, smudges, and general wear and tear on the plate can still make them look old—and make your home look older too. If you feel like your wallplates are dating your home and dragging it down, here is a quick guide to help you with updating all of the light switch covers and outlet covers in your home.

Tip 1: There Are a Lot More Materials

First, it’s essential that you know there are many more options out there than plastic. While plastic is the go-to for builders, that’s not because it’s durable or stylish; it’s because it’s cheap. Before you immediately swap out your old switch plates for new ones made of the same material, explore your options and see if there are other materials out there that you would prefer. For example, we carry switch plates and outlet plates in copper, bronze, nickel, wood, cast resin, chrome, and more. Look for material and style that works better with your home décor than the old plastic plates you had before.

Tip 2: The Whole House Doesn’t Need to Be the Same

If you still have your builder-grade wallplates in your home, then all of the rooms probably have the same type of light switch plates and outlet plates—but that doesn’t mean you have to continue to match all the wallplates in your home. If you’re replacing them already, why not consider using your wallplates to accent decorating elements in each room?

For example, perhaps your master bedroom uses lovely, muted gray accents to create a calming space; then, brushed nickel wallplates would be the perfect way to complement your decorating style. Maybe your daughter went for a more dramatic decorating style, with soft pink and glamorous gold décor; gold-toned wallplates would be much better suited to her room. Examine each room in your home separately to find the best wallplates for every space.

Light Switch Plate Cover

Tip 3: You May Need to Replace the Switches and Receptacles

Odds are, your light switch plates and outlet covers match the color of the switches and receptacles they cover. So, if you’re replacing your wallplates, and you want your switches and receptacles to match better the new color or material you’ve selected, you’ll need to replace them as well. It’s important to note that handling electricity is always dangerous, so swapping out the switches and receptacles (better known as sockets) themselves should be left to an electrician. While not an inherently difficult job, it’s simply not worth the risk of electrocuting yourself or reconnecting a wire incorrectly and sparking an electrical fire inside your walls.

With that being said, it is very much possible to replace your switches and receptacles. Find the ones in color and finish you want, and make sure to have them on hand for your electrician to install for you. Once these parts are replaced, installing your new switch plates and outlet covers is incredibly easy. With just a few turns of a screw, your home will feel fresh and new.

Whether you’re looking to replace a single light switch plate cover or all of the wallplates in your house, Wallplate Warehouse has the products you need. Check out our vast selection of switch plates and outlet covers in our online store!

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