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The Best Color Switches and Outlets for Wall Plate Covers

Decorative Light Switch Covers

Most switches and outlets are white with white wall plate covers—but not all of them. Some light switches and outlets can be gray, black, almond, or ivory (to name a few). This isn’t a big deal when they already have matching wall plate covers on them. But what if it’s time to replace those covers? Or what if you want to try out a different color? How do you ensure the ones you select are a good match? We’ve outlined the best coordinating wall plates for different colored light switches and outlets.


As we mentioned, white is probably the most common color of light switches and outlets, and they usually have preinstalled white wall plate covers. While white certainly does coordinate just fine with white, sometimes, you’ll want to try something a little different. Here are a few other options you might want to try:

  • Black – A white switch or outlets really pop against a black plate cover. They look especially nice if you have black-and-white décor in the space.
  • Red – This color can turn your switches into an interesting focal point and add a splash of color without overwhelming a room.
  • Gray – Gray and white décor is quite popular right now, especially in the kitchen. If you have this two-toned decorating theme in a room, add gray plates to your white switches and outlets.
  • Stainless steel – This gray metal works well with white, as described above, while adding a higher-quality material and some visual texture to the space.


Sometimes you don’t even notice your switches aren’t white until you buy a new, crisp white plate cover; suddenly, it becomes glaringly obvious that those switches are actually light almond. If this is the color for your switches and outlets, a light almond cover matches well and keeps that consistent creamy tone. But here are some other things to try:

  • Stainless steel – As with white, stainless steel coordinates well with almond-colored switches and adds a modern touch.
  • Light blue – A light blue or seafoam green can keep that soft, airy feeling of the almond switches without perfectly matching.
  • Ceramic – Light almond has a certain rustic charm, which ceramic wall plates can really complement.
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Ivory is another one of those switch colors you don’t really notice until you put a pure white plate around them—then it clashes like crazy. Here are some different color options you should try:
  • Brass – If you want a glamorous look that matches those ivory outlets and switches, go for polished brass, which has a bright, yellow shine like gold. You can also opt for brass in a satin finish for a warmer tone, or antique brass for something a bit darker that still matches well.
  • Bronze – Bronze is another metal that works well with ivory switches. Both oil-rubbed and dark bronze can be used to coordinate with your décor.

If you’re looking for light switch covers that coordinate with your differently colored switches and outlets, check out our online store for a huge selection of different colors and materials.

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