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Stylish Light Switch Covers That Will Upgrade Your Home

Buy Autumn Cooper Light Switch Covers

Home upgrades can get pricey pretty quickly, and not everyone has the budget for a total renovation. But if you're looking to upgrade your home in a fast and affordable way, a new style of light switch cover could be just the ticket. Replacing your switch plates takes only a few minutes and can be done on a low budget while still making a big impact. Here are a few stylish switch plate covers we recommend for a quick makeover of any room.

Autumn Copper

People often think of copper as the color of a penny. While it's undoubtedly true that copper can have that neutral brown tone, this metal comes in various colors and patterns. If you're looking to make a big impact in a room, consider our Autumn Copperplate covers. This plate's vibrant reds and oranges swirled in beautiful patterns that are sure to catch the eye and transform a space. Coordinate it with a few other accents of the same colors, and your room will come to life.

Sonoma Brushed Nickel Steel

Changing up the material, color, and shape of your light switch covers can make a dramatic change in any room. Our Sonoma Brushed Nickel Steel plates are ideal for this kind of transformation. The curved edges have a classical look, while the brushed nickel maintains a modern edge, blending two styles into one beautiful look. The sleek gray color is neutral enough to work with any décor while still making a strong impact.

Savannah Distressed White Wood

Are you going for more of a rustic, country vibe in your space? Distressed, whitewashed wood is a trendy material for decorating homes in this style nowadays. That makes our Savannah Distressed White Wood the perfect switch plate cover for rooms with rustic décor. The pure-white color of the plate is slightly distressed to show the natural wood color beneath, giving your space a homey and comfortable feeling.

Devon Black Switch Plates Covers

Devon Black Steel

Installing switch plates in matte black is a dramatic and impactful change compared to the traditionally white, shiny switch plates in most homes. Our Devon Black Steel plate covers have beveled edges and rounded corners for a smooth look, and the matte black finish is stunning in any space. As a bonus, the steel material is incredibly sturdy and doesn't show dirt or fingerprints as other finishes do.

Home upgrades don't have to be difficult or expensive. Changing the details in a room can often go a long way towards giving your space a total facelift. If you're looking to upgrade any room in your home, consider purchasing a new style of light switch plate cover for all the switches in the room (and perhaps for the outlets, too) and see just how big of a difference that one small change can make!

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