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Tips on Choosing the Right Switchplates for Your Home

Choosing the Right Switchplates for Your Home

Switch plates might seem like a simple item, but there are far more options than you realize. Here are five tips to follow to help you find the proper size, configuration, and style of wall plates.

  1. Know your configuration – First, you should know the proper term for the type of plate you need.
    • Is it a single gang, or a 2, 3, or 4 wall plate gang?
    • Does it combine different elements? Do you need a toggle switch plate or a rocker switch plate?
    • Knowing the exact configuration helps ensure the plate can serve its functional purpose.
  2. Choose the right size – Switch plates come in various sizes. While most people will use the standard size, you might opt for a smaller size if you want a lower profile or a large plate to make a bigger impact.
  3. Consider added features – Yes, even switch plates and outlet covers can have features. Look into covers with built-in nightlights and USB charging ports or other features you might be interested in.
  4. Select a material – There are so many more options than just plastic! Look into various types of metals, wood, ceramic, and more to see what choices are available to you in the configuration you need.
  5. Get the right style – Finally, look at the styling and color to find the perfect switch plate. You should look for something that blends well with your existing décor while adding its own style.

If you’re looking for switchplates, visit the Wallplate Warehouse to see our incredible selection of options.

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