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Spring Home Décor Ideas

Brushed Wall Plates

Spring is a time of renewal, bringing new life and fresh starts everywhere. That makes it a great time to refresh and renew your home by updating its décor. If you’re looking to redecorate a little bit this spring but don’t want a huge project on your hands, keep reading. We’ve got suggestions for simple upgrades, from accent walls to brushed wall plates and more.

Wallpaper an Accent Wall

Wallpaper fell out of style a few decades ago, but it’s making a comeback with new, modern prints and easier application and removal. Accent walls are hardly a new home décor trend. But homeowners nowadays are putting a different twist on it. Rather than painting one wall a different color, why not cover it in a coordinating, patterned wallpaper instead? Look for patterns that complement your existing paint color, and you’ll have an easy afternoon project on your hands. When you’re done, you’ll have a gorgeous feature wall with a cheerful pattern and a fresh look for the spring season.

Brighten Your Window Treatments

A lot of homeowners turn to heavier, darker window treatments in the winter to help keep their homes warmer. This is a smart move from an energy efficiency standpoint, but with the warmer weather rolling in, it’s time to store away those heavy curtains and find a brighter, lighter window treatment. Swap them out for something in a soft pastel color that complements your existing décor, or, if you’re concerned about matching colors, go with a neutral white window treatment. This simple swap only takes a few minutes, but it can really brighten and refresh your space.

Add Foliage to the Fireplace

A warm, crackling fire is great for the winter, but odds are you’re not using that fireplace much over the next several months. So, clean it out thoroughly, making sure to remove any lingering ashes and debris. Then, turn your fireplace into the perfect little nook for some indoor plants. You can layer planter pots of different sizes or place one planter box that fills the space well on the grate you would normally use for firewood.

This simple swap updates your fireplace for the warmer weather when it would normally become an unused hole in your wall—and a bit of an eyesore, if we’re being completely honest about it. You can even opt for plants that will naturally fade and die towards fall so that you can make the swap back to building fires without having to worry about finding a new home for those plants.

Light Switch Wall Plate

Switch Your Wall Plates

Wall plates are such an easy item to switch out that there’s really no reason not to update these any time you feel like your space needs to be refreshed. Swap the neutral white plates that come standard in most homes for a brightly colored light switch wall plate that adds a cheerful pop of color that’s perfect for spring. Or, opt for sleek and modern-looking brushed nickel wall plates to bring your home into the 21st century. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this upgrade too! Wall plates take only a minute to change out, and they rarely cost more than a couple of dollars apiece. You can buy a few different colors and materials and see which ones best coordinate with your existing décor and personal style preferences. Check out our selection here at the Wallplate Warehouse to find a light switch and outlet covers for your home’s spring décor upgrade.

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