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Reasons to Upgrade Old Electrical Wall Plates in Your Office

For many people, the thought of replacing their outlet covers rarely crosses their minds. This is unfortunate, because there are actually many good reasons, both aesthetic and practical, to get new wall plates. From increased safety and improved performance to just looking better, new wall plates can be a great investment. Read on to learn more about why you should upgrade your old outlet covers and why buying wall plate décor online is a good idea.

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Danger Zone: Fire Hazard

Wall plates that are old, cracked, ill-fitted, or otherwise damaged tend to trap dust, hair, and lint. The accumulation of these materials is a major fire and explosion hazard, since the flammable materials are located so near to your electrical system. The more an outlet is used, the more important it is to keep an eye on the cover and replace it when necessary.

Prevent Overheating

Along with preventing office fires and other disasters, old wall plates or covers that don’t fit properly are in more danger of overheating. If you place your hand on an outlet cover during use and it feels warm, that’s a good warning sign that your outlets need to be updated. A better fit and newer technology can prevent the problems associated with overheating.

Technology Updates

While technology has greatly advanced over the last years and decades, many people’s wall plates have not. Rather than dealing with various kinds of converters and small pieces that are easily broken or lost, simply installing outlet options that actually meet your needs is a much smarter option. With USB charging ports and much more, catching your office up with your technology makes life more convenient.

Spruce Up Your Space

Whether you are interested in wall plates that serve decorative purposes or simply want to improve upon poorly installed or old covers, new wall plates are a great way to spruce up your space. You can find excellent options for wall plate décor online, and you can choose from colors and patterns that match your space or select tasteful neutrals to replace those in your house that have been cracked, stained, or painted on.

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