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Top Decor Trends to Match Your Wall Plate Covers

Decorative Wall Plate Covers

When it comes to interior design, the little details often pull a room together. Suppose you’re looking for design ideas that match your wall plate covers and turn them into a part of the overall style of a room, keep reading. In this article, we’ll share the top trends in interior designs and colors so that you can match and coordinate your wall plates with effortless style.

Baby Pink with Teal

This retro color combination is making a comeback in 2022. The combination of soft pink and cool, rich teal creates balance and beauty in any space. However, it’s not an easy combo to pull off, and it requires the right amount of each color and ensuring that no other colors are detracting from the effect in the room. So, rather than sticking with the traditional white wall plates, you should select plates in 1 of the two hues you’ve chosen for your room.

Typically, it’s best to make baby pink the primary color on the walls in your space and use teal accents throughout the room to create that balance. This means you could either select baby pink wall plates to blend in with the walls or teal ones to make them one of the accent pieces in the space. Either option will pull those wall plates into the design and help complete the look.

Neutral Stone Hues

Stone isn’t a material used in many interior design elements, but that’s starting to change this year. You’ll find more natural stone accents in interior designs, such as furniture, decorative knickknacks, and pots for indoor plants. The neutral hues of stone also make an appearance when the stone itself is not a viable option.

Your wall plates can be great to pull that material into your space and complement your other stone accents. We carry several types of cast stone wall plates to give you a look you’re going for. If you don’t like the available stone options, you can choose another material in a hue that complements the look of natural stone.

Lighter, Natural Woods

Wood can add warmth and comfort to a space, but its popularity can come and go with home design trends. The newest wood trend for 2022 is a light, natural look. The roots of this trend could be connected to the previous trend of cottage-like, white-washed wood. But as we shift away from grays and whites as the most popular look for interior design, this has turned into favoring a pale, natural wood instead. The wood is also finished changes, with some eras favoring dark stains and others favoring painting over the wood entirely.

We carry ash and alder wall plates, both softer kinds of wood. You can lean into this trend by purchasing unfinished wall plates in a lighter wood. This can help your wall plates to complement other light wood accents in your space and pull the look together.

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Colors That Make You Happy

Here’s a significant trend we can get behind: Paint your home in colors that make you feel good. If a color makes you smile when you walk into the room, it’s the right one for your home. Don’t be afraid to try something different with your paint colors and light switch wall plates to find something that makes your home feel like a happier place to be. Check out our wide variety of wall plates at the Wallplate Warehouse to find one that matches your feel-good paint colors.

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