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Best Decorative Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

Decorative Metal Switchplates

Outlet and light switch covers are pretty simple in most homes. They're not intended to be decorative but cover the wires in the wall behind the switch or the sockets. But that doesn't have to be the case. Your light switches and outlets can be decorative elements in your home that help to enhance your overall style. But what are the best options available? We've selected some of our top picks from our catalog. Please keep reading to find the best of the best that we have to offer.

Best Metal

Metal plates are classy and durable, but which metal is the best? Our pick in this category is nickel. This metal's neutral gray hue blends well with all types of décor, but it still lends its sophisticated style to the space. We're especially fond of brushed nickel, as the matte finish helps to minimize the appearance of any smudges or scratches and further helps these wallplates to complement your existing décor without worrying about a high sheen overpowering it.

Best Pattern

Want something with a fun and eye-catching pattern on it? Don't want a wallplate that's a single color? We're particularly fond of copper for this style, as it's available in a broader variety of colors and patterns than most people realized was possible. While there are many beautiful patterns in copper, if we had to choose one—and for this article, we did have to—we'd have to name Mystic Topaz as our top pic. This beautiful metal blends the reddish-brown hues you might expect from copper with a gorgeous shade of blue to create a pattern unlike anything you've seen before. It's sure to make your light switches and outlets into eye-catching conversation pieces.

Best Kids

We have several options available if you need a light switch plate for a kid's room. Of course, you should pick a plate that fits your child's interests and the overall style of their room. However, our favorite kid's wallplate would have to be our All-Star Plastic light switch plate. What makes this plate stand out is the fact that all the sports equipment in the image has a 3D design. This adds a tactile element to the plate that allows little, curious fingers to explore.

Best Wood

Wood can make a home feel homier, and if you want to use this material for your light switches and outlets, we have several options available. Our top pick would be the Mantel White Wood plate for a cottage-like, inviting look. The top and bottom details that mimic crown molding give this plate a unique shape and make it a beautiful, artistic addition to your walls. And, of course, the white finish keeps the wallplates neutral enough to match any color scheme you might choose to decorate with.

Customizable Switchplate Covers

Best Customizable

Not happy with any plates you can find? Want to create something on your own that's entirely, uniquely yours? We offer several customizable wallplates that can be painted or wallpapered, but our favorite is our Paper-It lineup of wallplate covers. Wallpaper has made a comeback, and these plates make it easy to apply a matching piece of your favorite wallpaper so that your switches and outlets blend in with the walls around them.

If you're looking for outlet or switch plate covers, look no further. Wallplate Warehouse has a vast variety of options, and we only deal in high-quality products. Check out our online store today to find these top picks and many other options.

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