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Top Switch Plate Upgrades to Consider for Your Home

Century Brushed Copper Steel - 3 Toggle Wallplate

Switch plates are a home design detail that often goes overlooked. In fact, it may even sound odd to you to consider switch plates as a facet of home design rather than a sterile construction detail. But if you take advantage of new style options and buy switch plates online, you can find a variety of beautiful upgrades.

Consider this list of stylish and gorgeous switch plate designs that you may not have thought possible. Read on to learn how each type can add a distinct flair and sense of tone to every room.


Metal switch plates may seem like an electrical hazard, but high-quality, thoughtfully made metal switch plates are a beautiful upgrade that won’t conduct electricity. Rather, it will add a touch of modern sheen and sleekness to the room. This is particularly effective in bathrooms and kitchens, where you can match your switch plates to stainless steel fixtures in the room. For offices and home libraries, metal adds a smart business look that’s appropriate and stylish at the same time. Try shopping for copper switch plates at wholesale prices so you can upgrade every switch plate in your home.

Dark and Intense

Dark and bold color choices are in style right now, particularly if they’re grayscale colors. Charcoal gray, black, blue-gray and metallic gray are excellent upgrades from simple off-white switch plates. You can find decorative light switch plates in ceramic designs or metal designs that will add dark, mature color to any room. White walls and bright, large windows are in-demand home design features this year, so be sure you contrast all of the brightness with dark colors. Balancing light with dark helps anchor a room with a solid color foundation.


1960s and 1970s vintage designs are still in style this year. Design elements like geometric, artfully crafted chairs and earth toned fabrics add vintage touches to every room. Along these lines, consider upgrading your switch plates to vintage-looking brushed copper plates. The distressed, metallic look has an old-fashioned character that does what few other materials can--it combines modern, forward-thinking design with classic and homey comfort. You can also find decorative ceramic switch plates in earthy colors like tan and light pink that feel classic. Perhaps vintage details like these are still in demand because they make rooms feel stylish and inviting at the same time.


There’s nothing wrong with making your switch plates disappear rather than stand out. It’s just about making a bold design choice. So rather than keeping the unmatched, pale white-beige plates that are standard in most current homes, choose to find plates that blend perfectly with the paint on every wall. You can find simple switch plates in a variety of colors so you can make these functional details disappear into the wall. This minimalist look can smooth out the appearance of walls that would otherwise look cluttered with functional objects. While you have to be careful to make minimalism still feel homey, just make other interior design choices like adding soft fabrics to every room.

Start shopping online today and you can find stylish new switch plates to improve every room. Everywhere that you flip a switch, plug in an appliance, or charge your devices, take the opportunity to make stylish design choices. Visit Wallplate Warehouse online today to explore our wide selection of products, including brushed copper switch plate covers.

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