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Trending Home Interior Design Ideas

A home is more than just a real estate property. It is where you can leave beautiful memories in every one of its nooks and crannies and where your day begins and ends. Because your loved ones surround you, your home becomes a haven to which your soul is tied. It makes sense then that we would design and decorate our household.

5 Ways to Design Your Home Interior

What can you expect in 2023 in terms of theme or color? According to Robertson (2022), paprika, a spicier version of terracotta, is expected to be the most exciting interior design trend of 2023. It creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in interior spaces. You can use this color as inspiration when designing your home interior this new year.

Luckily, you can modernize your house and give it a fresh vibe by making a few minor interior adjustments. Let's examine some styles of interior decorating that will stay in style even if humanity develops over time.

wall paint to match light switch covers

1. Repaint your interiors and explore with colors.

Experiment with various hues and tints to give your house a fresh look. Consult a professional beforehand to get advice on the colors that will work best in your interiors. Try to choose a color palette that complements the other elements of your home's design while keeping the rest of your home decor in mind. If your set is predominantly colorful, you can choose a neutral or bolder color to create a statement.

Also, simple interior trends with a single-color palette are an option, as well as accentuated walls painted in a gradient pattern or with strongly geometric patterns, designer wallpapers in vibrant colors, or even structured color trends with quirky prints. Just be sure that whatever color you choose for your walls matches the color of your furniture, plants, countertops, linens, and everything else.

2. Go for vintage-inspired tiling.

Robertson (2022) stressed that archival patterned tiles are becoming more popular than ever, whether old-fashioned or vintage inspired. Look for the texture and colors that resemble those of the original reclaimed tiles, referencing the old tiles of Southern Spain. For a more subdued look, use alone or in combination with single-color tiles.

 3. Liven up your walls with decorative wall plates covers.

Among the trendiest wall plate covers are the metal light switch covers (i.e., nickel wall plates) and white light switch covers. For example, white and almond wall plates remain widely used since they will go with any trim or design. These light-colored wall plates will undoubtedly change the look of your area, whether modern or classic. Another great option is the brushed nickel wall plate. Since the dawn of recorded history, man has been drawn to brushed nickel's lovely, delicate sheen. Brushed nickel light switches have the same allure that nickel has had for generations.

Compared to conventional plastic plates, brushed nickel wall plates have several clear advantages:

  • Nickel is substantially more durable since it won't scratch or crack.
  • Compared to plastic plates, metal plates have a lower profile and a smooth, beveled edge that bends back to the wall for a tidy, upscale appearance.
  • Nickel is a sustainable metal.
  • Wall plates made of brushed nickel look much nicer.

decorative nickel light switch plates covers

Plastic wall plates cannot compare to nickel's elegance, weight, and smooth surface quality when giving your home a high-end appearance.

 4. Always add nature to your home interior.

Mendelsohn (2022) advises using a variety of textures to give your space depth and warmth. Even though you are adhering to a limited color scheme, there are still many personalities if you get inspired by nature. Materials like marble, brushed concrete, seagrass, rattan, and jute, according to Mendelsohn, help create a similarly warm and grounded atmosphere. Don't forget the flowers, of course. If you frequently keep a vase of flowers in your living room or kitchen, spread your love for fragrant flowers across the entire home. It's the ideal reason to buy a new bathroom or bedroom vase.

 5. Let antiques work their magic.

Ironically, antiques never get old. They always offer elegant chances to flaunt your grace without appearing pretentious. Objects you acquire at antique shops, accumulate at auctions, PS even inherit can be used to create focal points throughout the home.

The nice part is that antiques don't always have to be pricey vases and paintings from ancient dynasties. They can be simple details like baroque art, an antique mirror, or even an 18th-century interior design. What counts is how well it complements your home's style while adding a dash of sophistication and style.

antiques to match decorative switch plates

Reflect Your Style on Your Home Interior Design

Homeownership entails more than just making a mortgage payment each month. You must also understand that it's essential to ensure that your house reflects who you are. Moreover, your home should be able to express how precious it is to you. Because of this, interior design is significant and valuable.

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