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Affordable Hacks To Make Your Outlet Covers Look Good

When planning your upcoming major room renovation, outlet covers, and light switch plates are most likely not the main items that come to mind. However, one should know that they are one of the countless small decisions that can significantly impact the appearance of your room…and more.

Wall Plates with decorative designs give richness and depth to your decor without drawing attention away from other design components of your home. In a sense, decorative light switch plates are much like jewelry for your walls. Therefore, you must take care of them, so they continue to add sparkle to your property.

Let's replace those plain white switch plate covers with something unique instead of leaving them up. You won't need a lot of resources or time to complete these, and the results will blow you away.

Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Outlet Covers’ Look

Here are some ideas for updating your home’s outlet covers and light switch plates. With the help of these guides, you may customize the appearance of your existing outlet covers and light switch plates or simply make them match the design of your space. The choice is yours whether you make them the focal points or have them disappear into the background of your home.

fabric for light switch plates

  1. Use fabric.

While a cloth cover won't match the wall, it will let your light switch plate stand out! A delightful option is to find some exquisite-looking upholstery fabric, like one with vintage designs. Think about using a novelty cloth with a fun motif for your kid's room. This hack will not cost you much but will enhance your outlet covers’ appearance.

  1. Add some glitz and glam.

Some glue and lots of glitter are all you need! This hack works in particular for an outlet cover. We don’t recommend it for a light switch plate, especially a light switch plate that is frequently used, because the glitz around the switch will gradually rub off, making it difficult to spray clean.

  1. Be creative with washi tape.

Using washi tapes to change the look of your outlet covers is a beautiful idea. The good thing about washi tape is that it is easy to remove. Since washi tapes have various unique and colorful designs, you can choose the one that suits your liking. Although it often does not last, a washi tape is a fantastic option for a room whose theme will probably change several times over the years.

  1. Do a seashell makeover.

Why not? If you have some seashell collections at home, you better put some of them to good use. Use those seashells to decorate your outlet covers. With the wonder of adhesive, anything can be glued to anything.

  1. Play with paint.

Any paint color will do! You can either keep things plain and basic or make them flashy. You can get nearly any look you like using the right shade or color. You can even use the color of your wall paint to make switch plates and outlets disappear into the background. Or, if you like your outlet covers to look more artistic, use acrylic paint and be as detailed as you want!

  1. Go with decorative light switch plates in ceramic.

Ceramic wall plates provide consistent color and a lasting shiny finish. They are stunning and durable. They are easy to maintain and clean. Installing new ornamental light switch plates is a great method to instantly improve the appearance of any area in your home.

ceramic wall plates covers

  1. Explore with black.

Black is beautiful and black outlet covers never get old. Black wall plates are undoubtedly elegant and are perfect for hiding unsightly light switches. Moreover, black can go with any color.

  1. Switch up your covers with sharpies.

This is a quick and affordable way to dress up those switch covers. A few sharpies are all you need to make your outlet covers look cute and unique. Be imaginative and create your design for your space. Additionally, you could give the entire house a theme or anything else you desire.

Decorating Outlet Covers Should be Easy

If you know what you're doing, decorating switch plate covers should not be that difficult. Once the plate is off, you can simply design it however you choose. The best part is that there are countless ways to use those covers to add a little excitement to your space. From fabric covers to holiday-themed covers, you have tons of hacks to make outlet covers look attractive. Also, you could decorate every switch plate cover in your house in a single day if you wanted to because they don't take very long to complete. Here’s some safety advice: While changing your outlet covers is acceptable, avoid doing any DIY work on the outlets themselves. Be extra careful because the outlet cover is where the electricity is!

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