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Upgrade Your Nursery with Decorative Light Switch Plates

Light Switch Covers

Preparing for the arrival of your child can be both exciting and stressful. Many parents-to-be focus on “nesting,” or making changes to prepare the home for the baby’s arrival. Much of this is often centered on the nursery and getting that room just right for your little one. If you’re pulling your new nursery together and are looking for the right finishing touches, an upgrade to the room’s light switch covers might be just what you need. Here are a few different covers to consider for your nursery design.

Cottage Wood White

Sure, most basic light switch covers are already white, but they don’t have much style to them. Upgrading those switch plates to a cottage white wood design instead. This style has a beautiful framework that emphasizes the sleek shape and shows off the shiplap pattern along the switch plate’s backing. This style works beautifully for any nursery with white accents, which are incredibly popular in nurseries. It adds some cozy elegance that’s just right for your new baby’s bedroom.

Medium Oak Wood

Many parents love to apply a woodsy, rustic theme to their babies’ nurseries. If this is a theme you chose, cheap white plastic isn’t exactly a part of that theme. Swap it out for something more in line with your chosen style. You can’t go wrong with a classic oak finish, and we carry light switch covers in this finish with a variety of shapes so you can find something that works perfectly in your nursery.

Our contemporary medium oak wood light switch has a classic rectangular shape with rounded corners and beveled edges. Our country medium oak wood switch plate has a curved top and bottom and straight edges, creating a unique shape. The Austin medium oak finish has a wavy pattern on both the top and bottom, and edges that curve inward for a truly eye-catching light switch cover.


Perhaps you’ve chosen a more specific theme for your baby’s nursery and have decked it out in sports-themed décor. You can put the finishing touch on that theme by adding a switch plate with a similar design. Our all-star plastic wall plate has a red, white, and blue color scheme and is covered in sports equipment for baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and more. It’s the perfect decorative touch for your future all-star.

Light Switch Cover


You put a lot of work into designing your little one’s nursery, and sometimes, it’s hard to find that perfect wall plate to go along with your carefully chosen design. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not consider painting the wall plates yourself? We carry five different types of wall plates that are perfect for applying your own paint to get the perfect match to your walls, or to create a completely unique design of your own:

  • Baker unfinished alder wood
  • Contemporary unfinished ash wood
  • Pro white wrinkle steel
  • Pro light almond wrinkle steel
  • Pro ivory wrinkle steel

Paint adheres well to all of these materials, giving you a blank canvas on which to create something special for your little one. Check out our full selection of light switch plates to find the right one for your nursery.

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