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Wallplate Selection Guide: Identify the Size You Need and Style You Want

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Today, various outlet cover plates in multiple sizes and patterns are accessible. Knowing the size and design of the light fixture you require is crucial before installing it in your house or place of business. We will look at every choice available and assist you in selecting the best one for your needs in this post.

decorative light switch plate covers options


The size is a crucial consideration when choosing a wall plate. It is essential to select a wall plate that fits the area you want to cover and looks decent because it may make or break your project.

There are three different wall plates: Standard, Angle, and Corner; each has pros and cons regarding size and design options. For instance, standard sizes are more likely to be used than angle alternatives since they are more straightforward for shoppers to locate on store shelves. Nevertheless, corner plates are more adaptable because switch plates can simultaneously be utilized in numerous places.

The ability to fit an additional cover plate below your existing electrical box is another factor to consider when deciding which plate type, you require.


Selecting the proper size wires for your home involves several considerations, such as:

  • The area where you intend to install.
  • How many electrical outlet covers do you need?
  • How frequently will these outlets be utilized, and how much power do they need to carry?

modern switch plates


Wall plate design can be both decorative and practical. Electrical boxes are frequently hidden by decorative light switch covers, giving your home's electrical system an excellent appearance. Functional wall plates keep cables neat and safe from harm, preventing mishaps that could result in fires or electrocution if the wires were exposed.

Single-color switch plates are easy to install since they only need one kind of wiring for each circuit. Still, they only sometimes appear as attractive as their multiple-color counterparts when mounted in the same space.

Texture and Materials

The materials and textures used can significantly influence your home's appearance. It is imperative to consider this before selecting a material because the type of wall plate you choose will dictate the appearance of your flooring.


Ensure your wall plate is not in a place that receives direct sunshine or heat because this will impair the wiring and aesthetics. Electrical shorts can harm your home's electrical system and damage some appliances. Thus, this can help prevent them.

nickel wall plate covers


Nickel is a malleable, simple-to-work-with metal. Additionally, it works well for updating your wallplates, light switches, and lighting fixtures. Although bright polished or satin finishes are possible, a brush is the most typical nickel finish.

wood light switch plates


If you have a traditional-style home with high ceilings, smooth, natural tones like honey or light brown wall plates are excellent, while darker woods like black walnut or mahogany offer warmth and richness to any area.

decorative copper wall plate covers


This is a fantastic choice for homes with a contemporary design. Copper has a long history of being a popular building material for many homes and has been used for ages. It also complements any additional hues you might choose to use when selecting your wall plate, like white or black, and offers a variety of design alternatives.

Since it goes with almost anything in your home, copper is one of the most popular wall plate colors. Copper wall plates will blend in with whatever is happening around them, whether it is all-white trim or warm tones like browns and oranges throughout the area.

brass wall plates for home


Brass is a good option for a wall plate utilized in a home setting. It does not draw attention to itself as much as other materials may because it is timeless and subtle. Also, brass is attractive to the eye when seeing your electrical box across the room!

stone wall plate covers


Stone wall plates are an excellent way to give your house personality.

  • They are gorgeous, strong, and fashionable.
  • Stone is the most versatile tile material because it won't chip or crack.
  • Stone is very simple to maintain because it does not need much maintenance, and no special tools are required to alter the color or pattern of your stone installation.
black wall plates


Given that it complements most other hues, the black wall plate is a fantastic option for a subtle wall plate. It is also a good option if you are searching for something to conceal behind other items in your room.

white light switch plates


White is a timeless color that works with any décor. It is a neutral, empty canvas that lets you develop your style by balancing out various hues and textures.

White light switch plates enhances the cleanliness and freshness of any space, making it ideal for contemporary settings like bathrooms or kitchens with little window light.

White is timeless since it complements everything, from stone walls to wood floors. However, if you want something more modern than plain white walls, consider painting them navy blue.

bronze light switch covers


Due to its strength, simplicity of maintenance, and resistance to tarnishing, bronze makes a superb material for switch plates. Bronze light switch covers come in various styles, including antique designs with brass or copper accents—and contemporary wall plates with bases in a white or black hue.

home interior oversized wall plates


A troublesome location, such as a wall gap, can be covered by large wall plates. They might also hide flaws like wall holes and other faults.

black screwless wall plates


You should consider screwless wall plates if you want to:

Install it yourself.

  • A screwless design is the best option if you are handy and want to perform your installations. Because there are no screws involved, it is also more straightforward than other mounting kits.
  • Stronger and more energy efficient.
  • Screwless ones are more robust than conventional designs and have fewer moving components. They keep going longer without deteriorating or breaking over time. When fitted correctly on their frames, they also require less electricity, so your home's heating and air conditioning systems will operate more frequently.

Select the best option for your needs.

Any residential or business project must include wall plate covers selection. The variety of alternatives can be overwhelming, but we hope this guide has helped you better understand what makes an ideal wall plate and how to select one that will meet your needs.

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