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Why Are Switch Plates Important?

Why Are Switch Plates Important?

Switch plates might seem like they’re a non-essential item in your home. After all, how much of a difference can a rectangular piece of plastic or metal on your wall actually make? In reality, those switch plates in your home are much more important than you think. Keep reading to learn more about the job that they play.

  • Aesthetics – Your light switches have a rectangular cutout around them that exposes the wires connected to the switches. How nice would your walls look with visible holes around every switch and outlet? Switch plates cover these cutouts to keep your home looking neat, clean, and beautiful.
  • Wire accessibility – Of course, you don’t want to cover up that cutout with anything permanent. You need to be able to access those wires if anything goes wrong with the switch, or you decide to replace it. Switch plates are easy to remove, so you can get to the wires when needed.
  • Protection – Those wires can be quite sensitive to moisture and dust. Wall plates help to cover up the wires and keep dirt, dust, debris, and moisture out, minimizing the odds of corrosion and errant electrical sparks.
  • Protecting kids – Kids are naturally curious. If you have a child, you can imagine just how tempting an open hole full of colorful wires would be. A curious child playing with electrical wires could spell disaster, so it’s important to keep them covered with a wall plate.
  • Adding style – In addition to keeping unsightly wires hidden, wall plates can also add their own sense of style to a space. They’re available in many colors and materials, so you can use them as an accent to your interior design.

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