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Wall Plates for Home Décor

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Furnishing your home with accessories or decors can be quite a fulfilling experience. Whether you are renovating parts of the house or simply upgrading your furniture, all these things are meant to make the household livable and enjoyable for everyone who enters it. However, most of us homeowners think the work is already complete after the decorating process. As a result, we tend to neglect those small details that also need to be taken into account. Consideration should be given as well to little things like switch plate covers while decorating. For starters, you must somehow conceal your light switches and outlets for they also serve as finishing touches that contribute greatly to making your space a lot more appealing.

Tiny Details Do Matter!

Details are important. When developing a new interior decor theme, it's easy to forget about basic stuff but little accents–like light switch plates–can make all the difference in the world! Indeed, it's really worthwhile to pay some attention to your light switch plates (or wall plates) as they are a frequently disregarded or forgotten component. According to Jimmy G. (2022), switch plate covers not only shield the interior wiring of your home; they can also blend in subtly with your room features including cabinets, light fixtures, and walls.

Basic Types of Wall Plates

As their name suggests, switch plate covers are precisely small covers designed to perfectly fit over light switches and conceal the wiring there. Switch plate covers are otherwise known as switch plates or switch covers. They are a subset of wall plates, which is a larger group of fixtures.

Among the basic types of wall plates, the switch covers and outlet covers are the ones you'll encounter most commonly. Additional types of wall plates are coaxial plates, outlet covers, ethernet/phone/data plates, rocker plates, and blank wall plates.

Choosing Your Wall Plates

To choose the appropriate cover for your light switch plate, you need to know the specific kind of switch you have. The toggle light switch and duplex outlet are the two most popular types. The former is for room lighting while the latter is for plugging household devices such as lamps and small appliances. 

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Lanquist (2022) stated that you don’t need to worry when choosing your wall plates as you have options other than the standard white plastic you commonly see for switch plate covers. Also, light switch plates come in a range of various materials, colors, and sizes. Hence, as soon as you've determined the switch plate cover that is most appropriate for the size and shape of your outlets, you may start experimenting with its design, color, and texture.

Here are some decorative wall plates that will set the ambience of and add style to your home:

1. Metal Light Switch Plates

They exude a romantic and vintage feel. Since they can be hand-painted, you can pick a wide variety of color options. Plus, the metal material is easy to clean.

2. Cast Iron Light Switch Covers

These are obviously highly durable types of switch plate covers. They can fit for any type of room or ambience depending on their design and color. Expect these wall plates to last for years.

3. Venetian-Colored Plastic Switch Plates

Instead of the classic white plastic switch covers, you can have your wall plates Venetian-inspired to add warm colors to your room decor.

4. Polished Brass Switch Plates

Since these are made of solid and sturdy forged brass, these stylish vintage-looking switch plate covers are heavy and, yes, a little pricey.

Consider Installing Decorative Wall Plates Now

Any area or room may be given a fresh new look with the help of wall plates. They are an affordable, practical, and simple solution to giving your outlets and light switches an aesthetic touch.

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