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Choosing Nickel Wallplates for Enhanced Home Look

Nickel Wallplates 

Great design is all about the details. It’s more than color schemes and furniture placement; effective interior design is about texture, color, pattern, and lighting working together with form and function to create a pleasing, memorable space. Every detail counts; design elements such as the satiny finish on the walls, the warm gleam of quality hardwood floors, the tassels and tufts on the upholstery, and the color and texture of fine rugs all work in harmony to bring a room to life. Nothing is small enough to ignore, including wallplate switches. The standard wallplate cover is cheap, lifeless, pasty, and totally devoid of any style. Over time, they become discolored and stained. The very best thing you can ever say about a standard wallplate is that you don’t notice it. But why settle for inconspicuous? Choose to add beautiful, style-conscious nickel wallplates instead.

Wallplate Switch Basics

Wallplates, also commonly known as switch plates, are used to cover the outlets and light switches in your home, keep wires out of sight, and protect fingers from electric shock. Wallplates surround light switches, electrical outlets, and connection boxes. You’ll even find blank wallplates made to cover unused electrical boxes.

Wallplate switches come in a variety of configurations and are made to accommodate toggle switches, rocker switches, duplexes (a pair of outlets), and cable and phone connections. You’ll often hear the term “gang” connected to wallplates. Gang refers to the number of electrical circuits within a box. A one gang box has one toggle switch or one rocker switch or one duplex. A two gang box has two toggles switches, two rocker switches, two duplexes or any combination of these such as one toggle and one duplex, for example. When buying wallplate covers, you need to know how many gangs you need to cover and the configuration of each gang.

Wallplates come in a variety of materials as well. Standard models are white or ivory plastic. They look tidy and, when well-maintained, have very little visual presence. But you can also get wall plate covers in other materials such as metal, wood, and stone.  

Nickel Wallplates

Nickle wallplates are a wonderful way to elevate your home. In addition to looking beautiful, they offer a number of advantages over standard plastic model, including the following:

  • Durability. Nickel won’t scratch or crack.
  • Low profile. Their smooth edge sits close to the wall for a clean look.
  • Eco-friendly. Nickle plates are 100% recyclable.

Wallplate Warehouse has dozens of different styles to choose from, from sleek, ultramodern designs to antique English gardens and everything in between. You’re certain to find a brushed nickel switch plate in a style that perfectly fits your design aesthetic as well as a configuration that meets your needs. While these high-quality wallplates will never be the focal point of your room, and they shouldn’t be, they will always give a subtle boost to the room’s overall atmosphere.

Shop Wallplate Warehouse Today

Nickel wallplates add a beautiful and elegant finishing touch to any room. Best of all, you can make this change with the simple twist of a few screws. Wallplates are easy to install and are an inexpensive way to upgrade your home and make your space look more pulled together. In less than an hour, you can take your walls from boring to chic.

Shop our outstanding collection of nickel wallplates today. You won’t find a better selection or better prices anywhere else.

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