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A Guide to Changing a Light Switch Plate

Decorating your home is exciting. You get to choose paint in at least two colors, change out the furniture, and try an amazing theme. However, how many times have you redecorated and just stuck with the same light switch plates? Now you can buy decorative light switch covers without worrying about how to install them. At Wallplate Warehouse, we've put together this easy guide to help you feel more comfortable with the process.

Steel Wallplate Cover

Gather Your Tools

Be sure to have a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver of the appropriate size handy. Get your new light switch plate out of the box or container and put them all near the light switch you're working on.

Turn Off the electricity

This is non-negotiable. Go to your fuse box and turn off the power either to the room or to the whole house. Changing the plate cover out won't take long. There's no reason to take a risk and no reason to go to the hospital.

Unscrew the Old Plate

Inside the wall, you'll see 3 wires attached to the plate. Typically, they are yellow/green, brown, and blue wires; however, it's best to note their position in relation to the old plate before you remove them. If you're sure the electricity is off, unscrew the wires from the plate.

Attach the New Plate

Now you're ready to reverse the process with your new plate. Do not remove the screws from the new plate before attaching the wires. They should remain in place. The brown wire should go on top, but hopefully, you've already noted its position on the older plate. You can turn the screw until it holds the wire in place firmly. After that, put the plate in the wall and attach it lightly with the screws. Turn on the electricity and try it out. If it works, turn off the electricity and completely attach the plate to the wall. Now you can buy decorative light switch covers with the confidence that you can change them out for your mundane covers.

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