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Latest Trends in Screwless Switch Plate Designs

If there is one aspect of just about every home that is rarely if ever discussed, it's wall plates. Even something as sharp looking as a brushed nickel switch plate will not stir many conversations. Like any other aspect of retail sales, however, wall plates, including light switch plates and outlet covers, go through trends of preference with consumers. Here are some of the trends affecting switchplates.

Plate switches


Yes, you read that right. 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery is a trend in wall plates. These fit over any conventional light switch and often have knobs, gears and other industrial-age looking artifacts attached to them. Some switch covers even incorporate odd levers to turn the switch on or off.


Metal and metal looking wall or switchplates are also popular. These can be brushed nickel wall plates or powder coated metal or just about any other type of metal finish you can think of, including chrome. Metal switch plates are popular purely because of how they look; a brushed nickel light switch, for instance, looks both classy and rugged.


Our love of animals seems to have been incorporated into just about every aspect of life. Why would our light switch plates be any different? Some switch plates utilize an elephant or giraffe design, while others incorporate mythical beasts such as sea serpents and dragons. These type of switch plates are popular in children’s bedrooms but with the popularity of television fair that focuses on ancient folklore and legends, mythical beasts on a switch plate in a living or dining room is not out of the question.

Theme Plates

This trend ties into the fantasy animal style wall plate motif and reflect any number of favorite television shows. Wall plates that are patterned after Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones and many other television and movie themes have become inspiration for very innovative switch plates.

Another trend in wall plates is incorporating the logos of a favorite sports teams. What better way of showing your devotion to a particular sports team than having your light switches carry their logo?

Whether you're looking at a brushed nickel switch plate or incorporating a fantasy animal or sports team logo into your switch plates, chances are very good you can find one that suits your fancy. As with these trends, the ceiling really is the limit of your imagination and creativity.

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