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Add Beauty to Your Home with Switch Plate Upgrades

Light Switch Plates

As the saying goes, your home is your castle. You want it to be beautiful, to suit your style and taste, and to have a certain, unique flair that sets it apart from the other houses on your block. But how do you add that necessary style to your home without taking out a second mortgage on it? You’d be surprised just how big of a difference the little details can make when it comes to home décor. Here are five kinds of switch plates you can try out and see for yourself that it really is all in the details.


Metallic accents can add a touch of luxury to a room. They have just a bit more flair to them than standard paint colors. These accents can be all-around your room—your dresser knobs, your bed frame, your light fixtures, and yes, your switch plate covers. Just make sure your metallic accents match throughout the room. So if your bedroom furniture has brass accents, don’t go for stainless steel light switch covers.


Many people are upgrading various accents in their homes from white to black. Those little bits of trim around your home, your baseboards, and even your interior doors can all get a total facelift with a coat of matte black paint. And switching those white light switch covers for black ones can help complete the look, adding a bit of mystery to your space.


Wallpaper has been making a comeback in the last couple of years. The modern patterns available nowadays can make a great accent wall or even look beautiful throughout a room. If you want your light switches to blend in with a wallpapered room, just get a switch plate that’s made for wallpapering—yes, they do make those. These wall plates will take the wallpaper as naturally as the wall itself. Just make sure to align the pattern properly to get a seamless blend in your room.


If you want a more subtle touch to your upgrade, consider matching your switch covers to your paint color but going for a glossy finish instead. Or, if you have glossy paint in one room, do the opposite, and get a switch plate in a matching matte color. This allows the light switches to blend, but the different finishes add some texture to space.

Light Switch Plate Cover

Push Switches

This is more of a change to the light switches themselves, but it typically requires new switch plate covers. Push switches add an old-fashioned touch to a room and are much more interesting than the typical toggle switches. An electrician can quickly help you install these, and then you can replace your standard covers with ones that have appropriately shaped openings.

If you’re looking for switch plate covers, the Wallplate Warehouse has what you need. Check out our huge inventory of switch plates in various sizes, colors, materials, and configurations!

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