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Home Interior Upgrade: Switch Plate and Outlet Covers to Update Your Space

 "There's no place like home" is a quote that can be heard in movies and TV series and read in books. The famous quote symbolizes how important a home is to every people. The house is the only place you can rest freely without any worries. You can do activities like reading books, playing with your pets, and gathering your family members—a place where you can do anything you want to make you happier.

To the place that you call home, you would want to take care of it to make it last. And to make your home even more beautiful, you do things to upgrade the experience. Changing the paint on the walls, bringing in new furniture, or even buying the latest appliances. They are all great addition to update your space when you want to live your life to the fullest. 

Switch Plates, also known as Outlet Covers are one of the least popular furniture in the house. They tend to get overlooked, and people should get used to upgrading these parts. Most of the time, wall plates are just plain white plastic. However, as time passes by, new inventions can level up your interiors. For beginners, what designs of wall plates are great for upgrading your home?

decorative wall plates brass


This wall plate has elegant and comes with intricate designs. One of the simplest additions to your home to instantly make it elegant is wall plates made with brass casts. There are a lot of designs of brass cast switch plates that homeowners can try. Examples are:

  • The filigree antique brass cast.
  • Brushed English brass cast.
  • Even just the regular antique brass cast with no patterns.

The filigree antique has floral designs and patterns. It makes a bold statement due to its unique designs. The lattice is excellent for houses with Mediterranean design, bohemian, and traditional designs. Another design is the English Garden. Just like the lattice, it also has a design that can resemble growing plants. The pattern looks like a vein crawling up into a tree. However, if you prefer simple yet elegant, there are polished brass wall plates that you can try.

decorative wall plates copper


For a more contemporary look, the autumn designs for copper are the one for you. The patterns resemble the leaves that fall in the autumn. It has a light to dark orange color. The vibrant colors make the ambiance of your home looks relaxing and have a cozy feeling. The copper wall switch plates are hand-made, and the material used is a real copper metal wrapped in a vinyl cover plate. So, you can expect that it is durable and high quality.

Aside from the autumn design, if some homeowners prefer a copper material, there are other patterns too. Antique copper, bamboo copper, and zebra copper are examples of other types of copper patterns. It is considered to have a contemporary look as it suits well with an interior of a modern design. 

decorative wall plates bronze


Bronze light switch covers are simple, but they can bring out the charm that your room needs. There are a lot of excellent bronze wall plate designs, but the design that stands out is the york-aged bronze resin. There are regular patterns of bronze wall plates that don't have detailed patterns, just small accents. However, the york-aged bronze design is an excellent addition to a plain interior space.

The design consists of floral patterns with geometrical accents on its side. It has a dark appearance that perfectly contrasts with light-colored wall paints. The bronze wall plates can add details to your room if you have a traditional or modern house with minimalistic interiors. Even though the room isn't filled with furniture, the dark color appearance of the wall plate will give texture to your home.

decorative switch plates nickel


The nickel cast outlet plates are similar to the brass designs. Significantly, the English garden antique design. There is still a difference between them, like the accents on their sides. The nickel wall plate has a lighter color appearance compared to the brass. It has an elegant, soft, polished design that is perfect for interiors with darker-colored walls. If you want to replace the regular white plastic cover that resembles a white color, then the nickel is excellent for you. 

When changing some parts of your home, you also want to make it last. Wall plates that are made from nickels are durable. Compared to regular light switch covers, it doesn't get scratched or cracked. So you have an assurance that this wall plate will be in your home for a long time. Plus, regular switch plates that are easily worn out aren't recyclable compared to nickel-casted switch plates.

decorative switch plates wood white


Lastly, the classic switch plates: wooden designs. The oak wood type of this wall plate is preferred by many. It has a stylish look even though it is a simple touch of oak wood material. The wooden wall plates are perfect for cabin-style houses or houses with many wooden-style finishes. It can perfectly match the home's overall appearance, making every corner a highlight. 

Furthermore, it gives a cozy and relaxing ambiance to its surroundings. You can add this light switch cover to a contemporary home with many windows to have more texture. And another great feature of the finished wooden wallplate is they are flexible. If you are not a fan of the color, you can easily change its color without losing its natural pattern. If you feel like changing the color of your interiors, you won't have to buy a new one to match the walls.

Switch plates accent your home

Switch plates may not be noticeable, but once you've changed a small detail in your home, they can reveal more essential details. Inexpensively upgrade your home by changing this little furniture in your space. Spending a lot of money is unnecessary to have a house with a better appearance. Just adding luxurious switch plates can make your home look better.

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