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Best Places to Put Night Light Outlet Covers


Night Light Outlet Covers

Outlet covers with built-in nightlights can be a great addition to your home. They add nighttime illumination for added safety while keeping your outlets open for everyday use. But obviously, there’s no reason to switch every outlet to a night light outlet. So, which places are the best spots to install these outlet covers? Keep reading for some ideas.


If you’re making your way downstairs for a midnight snack, you don’t want to be blinded by overhead lights along the way. But you don’t want to stumble over any toys your kids left out either. Hallways and other common walkways in your home are a great place to put lighted outlet covers. They provide illumination downwards at night to show you exactly what’s in your path to the pantry. And that gentle, downwards glow ensures that you’re not squinting against an unexpected glare—until you open the refrigerator, that is.

Kitchen Counters

If your midnight snack requires any preparation, you’re going to be a little bit of light to do it. Placing a nightlight outlet cover on one of the outlets above your kitchen counters gives you that bit of light you need, directed straight down at the countertop where you need it most. And, of course, it does this without taking up any outlets. Those outlet spaces can be a precious commodity in a kitchen, where you’re constantly using different countertop appliances like toasters and blenders. Don’t fill them up with nightlights!


Late-night trips to the bathroom are another common occurrence. But whether you’re using an on-suite bathroom or one down the hall, flipping on lights not only blinds you but risks waking up others as well. In addition to placing lighted outlet covers in the hallways to help guide you to the bathroom, having one in the bathroom can allow you to see well enough to take care of business without dilating your sleepy eyes. This makes it easier for you to get back to sleep once you crawl back in bed and makes it less likely that you’ll wake up other household members while dealing with nature’s midnight calls.

Night Lights

Kids’ Rooms

Every kid goes through a phase where they’re afraid of the dark. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and giving your child a little extra nighttime illumination in their room can help to ease their fears and make bedtime much easier. Of course, you could opt for a nightlight. But if outlet safety is still a concern in your household, a standard nightlight can be easy for little ones to remove, leaving an open outlet for curious fingers. A lighted outlet cover gives that illumination your child needs while allowing you to use child proof outlet plugs for safety still.

There are many ways that you can use nightlight outlet covers in your home, but these four places are some of the best locations we’ve found for them. If you need brighter illumination in a room at night, we also carry an array of decorative night lights. Here is the Wallplate Warehouse. Be sure to explore all of our options in our online store!

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