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Ways to Use Decorative Ceramic Plates in Your Interior Design

Unfinished Wallplate For Custom Painting

Switchplates are often seen as a purely functional fixture in a home; they cover the wires around your light switches and nothing more, right? But do you consider only a lamp's function when choosing one for your home? Do you only think of your furniture's functionality when designing a room? Of course not! Style matters, and it should matter for your switch plates too. Here are a few ways you can use decorative ceramic switch plates to add some style to your home's interior design.

Coordinate the Colors

Color is a powerful tool in your interior decorating arsenal. It can set the mood for a room and add flair to even the drabbest of spaces. Of course, not everyone has the time (or the desire) to paint an entire room, so many of us rely on other decorative elements to add that oh-so-essential splash of color. One way you can do this is by switching out your white switch plates with colorful ceramic ones. Ceramic comes in many colors, so it's easy to find something that matches the other decorative elements in your room.

Find switch plates that match a piece of art hanging on your wall, your bedspread, the throw pillows on your couch, or even your rug. Not only will you be adding more color to your space without spending hours painting, but you'll also be tying the room together with a clear, consistent color scheme.

Paint Them Yourself

Do you have an artistic side? Ceramic is a commonly used material in pottery, so it can often be painted with any design you can imagine. If you're looking to make your switch plates genuinely unique, find some plain white ones (or any other neutral color) to provide you with a blank canvas for your creativity. You can paint all of the switch plates in one room the same, making each switch plate a unique piece of artwork all it's own.

Decorate Switchplate as an Art Accent Piece

Use Them as Art

Here's something you've probably never considered before: What if you didn't use your switch plates as switch plates at all? Most people focus solely on the functional purpose of a switch plate, so the idea of eliminating that functionality probably sounds crazy. But when you purchase beautiful ceramic switch plates, you just might be tempted to use them as artwork all on their own.

Mosaics are a beautiful form of art, and ceramic is a common material used to create them. Why not buy ceramic switch plates in various colors and make your mosaic mural on your wall? Hang the switch plates as they are to create neat, rectangular tiles for your mosaic. Or, if you're looking to mix things up—and perhaps get out a little pent-up frustration—smash them into smaller pieces and glue the pieces onto a flat surface to create your ceramic art.

At the Wallplate Warehouse, we believe that switch plates can add beauty and style to your home. Please take a look at our online store to find decorative light switch plates in ceramic, copper, nickel, chrome, and numerous other materials, as well as an endless variety of colors and patterns.

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