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Decorative Wall Plate Styles: Modern to Novelty

Decorative Ceramic Switch Plates
When decorating your home, it’s often the little details that make the most significant difference. They can tie a room together perfectly or make the space feel discordant if executed incorrectly. If you’re decorating your space in a particular theme, it’s even more important to get those little details right. This blog will give you some suggestions for getting your wall plates to coordinate with your decorative theme so that you can pull off the look flawlessly.


If you’re looking to give your room an antique feel, shiny white plastic will not make it happen. There are many other, more appropriate materials for your switch plates than the default plates that came in your home. Decorative ceramic switch plates are a great option, as they can add color and detail to your room to fit that antique style. Ceramic plates often have unique patterns that can add some of that luxury and uniqueness that was so sought-after in times past.


Don’t get “antique” and “rustic” confused. An antique decorating theme may harken back to simpler times, but it doesn’t necessarily reach back to a country, cottage-like décor. If you specifically want a rustic feel in your home, you’ll want something simpler and more natural than colorful, patterned ceramic plates. Instead, look for switch plates made from wood, which is the perfect tie-in for your rustic decorating theme. The wood can be unfinished or have a whitewash finish, depending on what works best in your room.


More modern decorating styles go for a contemporary look, with straight, clean lines and metal finishes. Switchplates can be made from a number of different metals, including copper, brass, steel, chrome, and more. Their finishes can be buffed to a perfect shine or textured for a more distressed look. If you want to go for that “clean” finish that’s popular in modern décor, look for screwless switch plates as well. This style hides the screws behind the plate so they don’t stand out on the plate’s surface.

High-quality Modern Switch Plate

Other Themes

What if you’re decorating a recreational space inspired by your favorite sports team? Or what if you’re decorating a child’s room with all of their favorite things? While you could leave the switch plates unchanged, upgrading these little details can be a fun way to put the finishing touch on a themed room. You can switch them out for switch plates that are simply a coordinating color, or you can look for plates that are specifically designed to match that theme. From princesses to race cars, that little detail can help make a beautiful room.

At the Wallplate Warehouse, we carry a huge variety of decorative switch plates in many materials and styles. Whether you need decorative light switch plates in ceramic, wood, metal, resin, stone, or any other material, check out our online store to find what you need.

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