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Best Way to Decorate Your Home Interior with Wall Plates

Custom wall plates Decorative outlet covers

bronze decorative wall switch plates

Do not overlook updating your ornamental light switches when redesigning your space. Just because you have already added new furniture, appliances, or decorative cushions to boost your home’s interior design does not mean you disregard small basic details. Here is why: These decors are not only easy to install; they can also fit into any of your preferred design styles and add a splash of color to any outlet.

Using Wall Plates to Beautify Your Home

In terms of decorative switch plates, people readily assume that the alternatives are constrained. Well, it’s time to change that belief! You have to know that  there are plenty of fashionable and useful solutions on the internet that won't let you down.

The costs of switch plates and outlet covers range from $5 to over $25 depending on the size, design, color, and material of the wall plates. Below are some of the best-selling trendy decorative switch plates  you should be aware of. You can utilize these wall plates to enhance the interior design of your home.

  • Bronze Wall Plates
  • If you really want an easy and affordable makeover for your home, you can start by replacing your outdated white switch plates and outlet covers with new bronze wall plates. Any room will immediately attain a sophisticated and beautiful flavor once you install brushed bronze wall plates. With just a screwdriver and a small amount of your time for installation, you can dramatically transform the appearance of your home. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose Georgian Aged Bronze Cast, English Garden Aged Bronze Cast, Italia Aged Bronze Steel, Greek Key Aged Bronze Cast, York Aged Bronze Resin, Metro Line Brushed Bronze Cast, Continental Aged Bronze Cast, and the list goes on.

  • Nickel Wall Plates
  • Switch plates in brushed nickel will definitely improve the aesthetic of your property. Since the dawn of recorded history, man has been drawn to the lovely, delicate luster of brushed nickel. Brushed nickel light switches have the same charm that nickel has had for generations. Compared to conventional plastic plates, brushed nickel wall plates have a number of clear advantages, namely: a) nickel is substantially more sturdy since it won't peel or crack; b) metal plates are more low-key and have smoother curved edges, which contribute to their tidy, classy appearance; c) nickel is a sustainable metal; d) nickel wall plates look much nicer. Plastic wall plates cannot compare to nickel's elegance, weight, and nonporous quality.

  • Chrome Wall Plates
  • Chrome switch plates are the solution if you're going for an ultra-modern appearance and need something versatile. With the correct design,  your space can take on either a more upscale look or a vintage appearance.

  • Screwless Wall Plates
  • The newest style in decorative wall switch plates is the screwless wall plate. It has a two-part design and, like a standard wall plate, its backplate is affixed to the electrical box. The screwless front cover is then simply snapped onto the backplate.

    screwless wall plates decor

  • Copper Wall Plates
  • Copper plates have a warm, dazzling aesthetic that conveys artistic elegance. Whether the theme of your interior is more modern and bright copper or more medieval and classic vintage copper, these wall plates will blend in.

    Be Creative and Show Off Your Wall Plates

    Light switches, switch plates, and outlets have long been seen as purely functional objects. They are necessary for the household but we tend to ignore and hide them instead of trying to integrate them into the wall. However, with electricity now becoming a permanent fixture, it's high time we transform these essentials into something that enhances rather than interferes with the décor. Wall plates are basic necessities and, like the rest of our home decor, should also be made attractive because why not?

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