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Decorative Wall Plate Styles: From Modern to Novelty

bronze wall plate decor

Modern houses use primary colors, light colors, and white colors most of the time. With that being said, the accessories for the house only consist of colors that are in contrast to the house’s color. Modern houses nowadays may look plain and many modern houses use the white color in the majority of their houses. The furniture is also mostly black, white, or brown. 

If your house may look plain, you should consider changing some of your decorations such as your light switch plates styles and light switch covers. There are different styles and designs for wall plate covers. Each material has unique patterns, styles, and designs to choose from. A lot of different varieties are available for you to pick which one is the most suitable for your home.

If you are still using regular plastic contractors for electrical switches and outlet covers, here are some ideas to change more stylish decoration for your wall plates to make them turn from Modern to Novelty.

  • To instantly give off elegant flavor and sophisticated charm for your home, brushed bronze wall plates is all you need. The bronze designs will completely change the look of your home. From the old white cream switch plates, brushed bronze plates have a lot of different varieties to choose from such as aged, antiqued, and oil-rubbed materials for both classic and modern silhouettes. Since the material is made from cast metal and some are made from stamped steel, it can easily be toned with any color for different rooms in your home. 

  • Don’t be hesitant if you are thinking that switching your plastic plates into stone material will be messy if they ever break. Actually, the material used for the wallplates is a combination of resin that is mixed with stone powder to make sure that it has a detailed design and has similar look to a real stone. The faux-stone finish can easily match different varieties of your home’s color scheme.

  • The brushed copper wall plates have more stylish and modern looks. The material also has a sophisticated charm for your home, as it gives warmth to the room without giving it more attention. The advantage of choosing a copper wall plate is it doesn’t wear down even after years of use. If the plate also has tight screws, it will not crack or be damaged easily. Not only copper can easily blend into your house’s color scheme but is far superior in terms of durability to your regular plastic wall plate.

  • If your home has a wooden style or a cabin style design, then the wooden wall plate is the best choice for you. The wall plate is made from a hundred percent of wood, that can blend with your house’s design and will give your home a high-end and elegant look. You can also choose what type of wood pattern you like that will be compatible with your house’s design. 

  • Just like copper, brass gives warmth to your home to provide more attention, and it is also one of the toughest and has the highest durability for a material to be used for a wall plate. The reflective look of the brass wall plate gives an aesthetic beauty to your room. It can match different types of styles and designs to your home including classic, modern, or even a mix of both. 

  • For a more elegant look in your home, a chrome wall plate is the answer for you. The chrome wallplates have two different types of texture which are the highly-polished shine and the gently brushed luster. Due to its flexibility, it can match whatever design you put it into, and even with different color schemes, the chrome wallplates will always make your room even more attractive. Though it may look normal like the regular white plastic wallplate, it makes a lot of difference when there’s a light reflecting on the chrome wall plate. And in comparison with the durability of the normal wallplate, the chrome wallplate is on another level.

  • If you metaphorically make your house a person, these ceramic wallplates are a piece of jewelry for your house. The style of these wall plates offers depths to your design, without taking away the spotlight for other decorative accessories in your home. The ceramic wall plates are so consistent with their colors. Even throughout years of using it, the color will never fade. It’s best to put it in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Worry not, the material is durable and will not break that easily. You can freely choose a lot of designs even decorative ceramic switch plates to have unique styles for each design available.

  • Old world wall plates are more of an antique fashion for your home. Unlike the other decors, it gives a huge impact on your room. It comes with different types of materials including bronze, copper, and faux-ivory that are mixed with resin to have more depth in terms of details. Due to its lavishly unique antique design, your visitors will be in awe when they see your wall plate.

    decorative wall switch plates for modern walls

    Though it is merely referred to as a utility in a home, homeowners don’t give a lot of attention to wall plates unless it is contradicting their house’s design. Yes, the use of the wall plates is to cover home outlets and light switches, keeping wires out of sight and away from fingers but with a simple change on the cover, it will become a novelty decoration in your home. In order to totally match the design, you can also change the light switch covers to have the same design as the wall plate cover.

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