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Paper-It Clear Screwless Switch Plates for Your Home

2-Toggle Screwless Switch Plates

Are you looking for an upgrade to the plain, uninteresting wall plates that come standard in most homes? Consider upgrading to Paper-It screwless wall switch plates. Perfect for all kinds of outlets, switches, data jacks, and more, this revolutionary alternative offers plenty of benefits.

If you're curious about the best ways to elevate your home design for less, read on to learn more about Paper-It wall plates, and learn why you should invest in these stylish switch plates.

How They Work

The Paper-It system is unlike any other ordinary switch plate you've ever seen. Normally, wall switch plates are made of thin plastic in an unpleasant, yellowish off-white color. Builder-grade homes are normally full of these types of wall plates.

However, you can buy Paper-It wall plates online and easily upgrade these plain or even unsightly plates. And installing them is easy. First, simply place the backplate onto the wall. These are just like regular wallplates that may have come standard in your home or office. Then, cut a piece of wallpaper to align with the backplate and match its dimensions perfectly. Then, all you have to do is slip the protective, decorative cover onto the backplate. And just like that, the Paper-It wall plate is in place. The wallpaper on top will hide the plain background, screw heads, and any unsightly gaps or holes.


So why should you upgrade your wallplates? First of all, it's important to make the best out of features that you need in your home. Appliances and fixtures like sinks are now designed with style in mind, so why not upgrade to decorative wall switch plates, too? Most rooms, especially living rooms, are full of several unsightly switches and outlets. They can interfere with the style of your room. In fact, many design blogs and magazines actually edit switches out of their photographs because of how unsightly they can be.

But with the Paper-It design alternative, you can overlay a beautiful, fascinating pattern over an ordinary wall plate to make it actually look stylish. These features have to be in place, so make them look their best. Sure, you could try to buy wall switch plates that match your wall paint perfectly, but they aren't going to disappear.

Decorative wall switch plate

Home Elegance

Having an elegant home is about impressing people's expectations, elevating what's simple to luxurious. Stylish wall plates seem like a luxury, even though you can buy Paper-It wall plates online for a great, low price. But good modern design is also about introducing something unexpected, something that will actually surprise your guests. Many people turn to statement art or unusual new furniture designs. But you can actually impress people with patterned switch plates. Your guests will ask you where you found these unique designs, and you may even be part of starting a trend.

An elegant home doesn't just look comfortable or expensive—it looks unique and has personality. And what better way to show off your personality at home then by taking something most people don't put care into and making it a spotlight in the room? If you want to explore the fun and stylish wall switch plates by the Paper-It clear screwless system, visit Wallplate Warehouse's extensive online store.

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