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Tips for Blending Switch Plates with your Backsplash

Switch Plates on your Backsplash

Your backsplash is one of the most notable features of your kitchen. Not only is it a good protective covering against splashes and spills, it's also your opportunity to get creative with design. Fussy countertops and cabinetry isn't in style anymore, but geometric tiles, unique materials, and eye-popping color choices are popular in contemporary kitchens.

And while it might seem like you have no limits when it comes to designing beautiful backsplash, there's often an obstacle that people don't know how to deal with: wall plates. The safety plates that cover your outlets, switches, and jacks can interfere with what would otherwise be a neat and consistent design.

But you don't have to leave behind plain, boring, plastic, white switch plates on your backsplash. Here are some of the alternatives, and tips for making switch plates actually blend into your backsplash for a cohesive, pleasing design.

See the Possibilities

While most home builders have historically used simple, white or off-white switch plates, there are many alternatives to consider. Wall plate manufacturers have designed far better than those ordinary switch plates, and now you can choose from a variety of materials, colors, designs, and finishes. From brushed nickel to faux-stone blue, gold to brass, and everything in between, you can shop for better wall plate covers that will actually make sense with your backsplash.

Plan in Advance

It's always easier to make room for decorative wall plates while you're still designing your backsplash. If you've been living with decorative backsplash that you don't intend to change, but your wall plates have been an eyesore in your kitchen, then you can certainly shop for alternative wall plates.

While wall plate suppliers offer a wide variety of choices, they don't sell everything under the sun, so you can guarantee a perfect blend of wall plates and backsplash designs if you shop for both simultaneously. However, this is only an option for those who are renovating their kitchens, adding new backsplash features, or building a new home kitchen. That being said, you can still find success shopping for wall plates that suit the existing design.

Fancy light switch

Start with Color

Once you start shopping for wall plates, choose to prioritize color. You can create the illusion of uninterrupted backsplash with color over texture or finish. You can find wall plates online that are close to or are even an exact match with your kitchen backsplash.

And don't try to go for a contrast. Contrast is a great design element that can balance rooms, but not when it comes to wall plates and backsplash. A unified design scheme will look cleaner, neater, and more modern.

If you can't find an exact color match, try shopping for wall plates that match with the grout between tile, or the secondary colors in a complex material like granite or marble. If you've opted for a wild, geometric pattern full of different colors, you can try clear screw-less wall plates, which will blend right in.

Find the Right Material

You can actually shop for wall plates in a material similar to, or that at least looks similar to, your backsplash. For natural stone, there are faux-stone wall plates. For ceramic tile, try ceramic wall plates. Then, you can choose to install screw-less wall plates, to hide the hardware that would otherwise interrupt a smooth backsplash design.

But it's integral that you shop at the right outlet, so to speak. Wallplate Warehouse offers a wide variety of wall and switch plates so you're sure to find the right match to blend into your backsplash.

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