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Decorative Switch Plates to Revive Your Living Space


1 Toggle/1 Duplex Silver Decorative Switch Plates

When decorating your home, don't neglect to add decorative switch plates to your light switches. Not every wallplate is the same. So, to help add flavor and a sense of creativity to your home, start by finding wallplates that help light up your house. Say that you want to match your walls, or perhaps you want something that goes with the theme. Check out a few options to see if there's something that appeals to your inner interior designer.

Smooth Stone

If you're looking for a something other than wood, plastic, or metal to use for your wallplates, faux-stone is a viable option. Complemented by a faux-stone finish, switch plates of this design are highly detailed while extremely smooth. There are multiple different options as well. So, whether you're looking for the creamy tone of ivory or the color of sandstone, find the tone and color that matches your style.

The Style of Nickel

In order to add some general style to your home, contemplate picking up some nickel wallplates. These are perfect for new homeowners looking to add some silver color to their home while keeping things looking elegant. They also come with a soft sheen, making them rather appealing to the eye. Besides, nickel tends to resist cracking and getting scratched. This means that you might not have to worry about getting damaged switchplate covers.

Beautiful Bronze

Bronze wallplates are another kind of decorative wall switch plates that's designed to add class and style to your home. However, unlike most nickel wallplates, bronze wallplates add a darker tone to your light switches. They're also rather inexpensive, helping you stay on budget while looking rather elegant. So, for those who are seeking wallplates to match their cabinet and bathroom hardware, these might be your best option.

Brass Options

If you desire something lighter than bronze, brass could add some extra flare to your home. These plates are designed to bring a warm feeling and aesthetic. They're made to enhance the tone of the room. Maybe you would like to make your living room feel more welcoming. Then, add a few bronze wallplates before your next dinner party. Your home no longer needs to feel gloomy when you can add a warm and mellow tone to it.

Wooden Wonders

Wood cabins are nice. So, if you're trying to maintain the wooden aesthetic, ensure that wood wallplates cover your light switches. You can pick from choices like alder, ash, oak, and white oak to match your walls. And don't worry about having to carve wood yourself. Go with wood wallplates that come with well-refined patterns, ones that are ready to be painted and stained to your choosing.

White or Almond

Maybe you're looking for a plain white or almond color to add to your abode. Both are good color choices and you can find decorative switch plates online that come in wood, steel, and plastic. You can pick from something smooth or something with an added texture to it. Perhaps you want something that flows nicely with the texture on your wall or stands out visually. Both options are readily available for you to pick from.

2-Toggle Decorative Wall Plates

Time to Upgrade

Rather than waiting to let your old wallplates decay, use the time you have now to invest in some decorative wallplates. You don't have to let your present wallplates be the ones that define your home. Instead, upgrade them to something that better fits the present or future decor. Not every home is the same. And the same is true for decorative switch plates. Your new ones might stand out from the rest.

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