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Make Your Decor Stand Out with Wood Switch Plates

Contemporary Unfinished Ash Wood Wall Plate

Good design isn't just about the large furniture in any room, it's also about the small touches. Known as decor, these smaller, more interchangeable features include throw pillows, rugs, wall art, vases, and tabletop pieces like candles or miniature sculptures.

Even the best-looking furniture can't stand on its own. Decor makes rooms feel warmer, more inviting, and more lived-in. Without these features, a room will look empty.

So what can you do to make the decor in a room stand out? Try replacing your plain light switch covers with decorative wood switch plates. The best switch plate covers will look like a natural material -- a real piece of wood affixed on the wall. Here's how wood switch plates, a seemingly small and insignificant change to a room, will actually make your decor stand out, making your rooms look and feel more stylish and inviting.

Add Warmth

Wood on unexpected surfaces, like wall plate covers, makes rooms look warmer. Wood has a comforting quality to the eye. Use it to add warmth to rooms that are feeling too business-like and official. An excess of neutral colors like white and gray, as well as too many metallic and glass surfaces, makes rooms less inviting. Warmth is a vital essence of comfort, luxury, and style that every room needs, from formal dining rooms to relaxing bedrooms.

Bring Colors Together

Wooden switch plates can also unite differently-colored decor, making a united color scheme that pops, catching the eye and inviting visitors. Nearly every shade of wood has notes of a different color in it like red, yellow, or even blue. Find wall plates that share a secondary color with your decor to make the entire color scheme stand out. Try to stick to one or two colors in your decor scheme so that every different piece throughout the room stands out.

Add Texture

Wooden wall plates also have far more texture than plain, off-white wall plates that are common in most homes and businesses. The texture of wood looks more interesting, and can help your decor stand out across the room. Texture creates visual interest without taking up space, which can help if you want to make a room look clean and minimal without feeling cold and empty at the same time. Textured decor like patterned pillows, rough-surfaced plants, and wood grain is very eye catching.

Cottage White Wood Switch Plate

Add Interest

Finally, a great way to make your decor stand out is to add interesting, eye-catching alternatives to bland features. Make your decor stand out with beautiful wooden switch plates, more interesting and well-designed lighting features, or even add trim to blank, boring walls. Decor throughout a room, including on walls, floors, and ceilings, helps create a recognizable theme that stands out. Your decor is what helps influence the theme.

So where should you go for beautiful wooden switch plate covers, a more stylish alternative to plain and boring switch plate covers? Try searching at Wallplate Warehouse online. Their convenient online store contains plenty of beautiful wall plate covers, including copper, brass, and ceramic pieces. Improve every room of your home with beautiful wall switch plates and you'll notice a beautiful change.

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