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Upgrade Your WFH Space in 5 Minutes by Swapping Outlet Covers

Outlet covers with built-in nightlights

Many people have transferred from a traditional office setting to a work-from-home setup over the past couple of years. For some, this is still a temporary solution. But for many others, this will be a long-term situation. Your office space must be efficient and comfortable if you're working from home. But significant upgrades to an office space (especially if you're not sure how long you'll be working from home) can be unreasonably expensive. Instead, consider simply switching out your outlet cover plates for a fast, affordable upgrade. Here are a few suggestions that can make a big difference in your space.

Add a USB Port

In a home office, outlets are a hot commodity. Your computer setup alone can take up enough outlets to require a power strip, so you certainly don't want to use up any more outlet space on plugging in USB devices. Even if you're plugging in a phone, having an accessible USB port is extremely handy—and you can have a USB port at all times by simply changing out your outlet plate covers.

We carry outlet covers that have a USB port built into the side of the plate. This makes it easy to plug in a USB cord, even if the outlet is located behind your desk. So, whether you're charging your phone or plugging in any other device, this simple upgrade can undoubtedly come in handy in a home office.

Add a Nightlight

It might sound silly to think about having a nightlight in your office. After all, nightlights are for kids' bedrooms. And why would you want to sacrifice one of those precious outlet spaces anyways? But an outlet cover with a built-in nightlight is a different story. The light is built into the bottom edge of the cover itself, for starters, so you don't have to worry about giving up an outlet.

Rerunning cords or connecting computer wires is challenging to do when it's dark behind your desk. But if you switch that outlet cover for a lighted wallplate, you'll get a perfect amount of illumination behind your desk—and you can use both hands to rework those cords, rather than trying to do it with one hand while holding your phone. Additionally, think about how many times you've had to pull out your phone and turn on the flashlight app so that you could get a good look behind your desk?

Stylish Antique White Cast Wallplate

Add Some Style

Of course, not every office upgrade has to be about functionality! It's also essential that your work-from-home space is a comfortable and enjoyable place to work. That means adding your style to the space. Whether you have an entire room for your office or you're working from a corner of your dining room, you can still add some personal touches to upgrade the space you work in. Don't be afraid to redecorate a little to set your space apart and make it your own.

This can include swapping out these switch plates and outlet covers to fit your new style choices. Want a cottage feel? Consider one of our many white wood plate covers. Want something more modern? Chrome and nickel are excellent metals for switch plates, and we have many styles of both materials.

While it might sound simple, this upgrade can make a big difference in your home office, no matter how big or small that office space may be. Check out our vast selection of wall outlet covers in our online catalog, or contact the Wallplate Warehouse today to learn more about our products.

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