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Revive Your Office Space with Chrome Switch Plates

1-Toggle Studio Polished Chrome Cast Wallplate

The appearance of your office can make an important first impression to a new customer or potential client. It’s the space where first contacts often take place, contracts are negotiated, and deals are closed. Whether your company is just starting out or is well established, you want your office space to reflect your company’s success.

The attention is in the details. Well-crafted furniture and comfortable seating demonstrates to a visitor your interest in how your company is presented. The color scheme of the walls should be inviting to a person who wants to discuss business or may be a top candidate for a job.

Your choice of a switch plate for your office is a small detail, but one that can add a stylish touch to any workspace. Here is what you should look for in chrome wall switch plates when it’s time to redo your office.

Why Chrome?

Metal wall switch plates are available in many styles and finishes, including chrome. So why choose chrome for your office space? Chrome has a surface quality you may find lacking in some decorative plates and can give ordinary walls a high-end look. It shows your willingness to invest in the look of your office space. Chrome is typically more affordable that other materials used for wall switch plates, such as porcelain or stamped brass. It is a decorative step up from standard plastic wall plates. It also can complement essential furnishings that you’ve carefully chosen for your office.


Even the best switch plate covers manufactured from plastic can crack, split, or break off if you overtighten the screws. Plastic wall switch plates can fade or lose their color, and even buying replacements doesn’t guarantee a perfect match for the office décor. The choice of chrome for your wall switch plates can pay off over the long run because of their durability. Also, switch plates made of plastic, ceramic, wood, or mirrored glass tend to be made in limited sizes. Chrome wall switch plates can be purchased in a wide selection of sizes, configurations, and designs.

Low Maintenance

Chrome glimmers, but, like any wall switch plate, is prone to blemishes and smudges from repeated touches of dirty fingers. Fortunately, chrome isn’t too difficult to clean, and it can be done without using harsh chemicals.

A soap solution and warm water is effective enough to remove dirt that has worked its way into the chrome. A rinse of clean water will eliminate any residual traces of soap from the chrome. Distilled white vinegar mixed with water is another efficient cleaning solution. An application of chrome polish is the right finishing touch.

1-Toggle Dark Polished Chrome Wallplate

Is Chrome for Your Office?

Chrome is a long-lasting material that can be cleaned easily and retains its beauty, but that is just one reason you should consider chrome switch plates  when it comes to updating your office. Chrome wall plates can revive your office space by adding stylish accents that any visitor and co-worker will appreciate. It enhances the decor of your office by not appearing too utilitarian in appearance and is a definite upgrade for your walls.

The best way to discover how decorative chrome wall switch plates can upgrade the look of your office is by speaking with an experienced professional at Wallplate Warehouse who can direct you to the right chrome switch plates. Chrome can be an eye-catcher when it comes to your office, so visit for the best chrome wall switch plates today.

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