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Installing Motion Activated Night Lights for Elderly People

Colorful Night Lights

As people age, their eyesight tends to worsen. It's difficult for older individuals to move around in low-visibility environments, especially at night. They're more prone to tripping and falling in these situations. Sometimes, switches are placed in inconvenient locations, and they have to go across the room before they can turn them on, running the risk of slipping on something they can't see.

If you're living with senior citizens or have them over often, it's best to get a motion-activated night light. This allows them to instantly see whatever is in their way and navigate the room safely, making things more convenient for them. It turns on automatically when they enter a certain space, so they no longer have to look for the switch. Here are a few types you can use and how to install them.

Plug-In Motion-Sensitive Nightlights

These are one of the simplest types of motion sensor nightlights. You can put them anywhere there's a wall socket. The body of the device is combined with a plug. Just attach it to an outlet, and it'll stay in place.

It'll automatically be ready for use. Since it's directly plugged into a power source, it doesn't need batteries. It continuously functions as long as its circuitry doesn't develop any problems. Some LED night lights come with bulbs that have long life spans; they can be used for years without needing replacement.

This fixture is great for illuminating paths in your home, like hallways or stairways. Seniors will see where they're walking more clearly. It's also good for bedrooms since you can easily set it below eye-level. The glare won't be in anyone's direct field of vision, so it won't wake up those already sleeping. The device turns off on its own after a few minutes.

Motion-Detecting Light Switches

If you want existing fixtures in a room to open automatically for your senior family members, then motion-detecting switches are ideal. Once they sense any kind of activity, they activate the circuits they're attached to, which is useful for triggering all the bulbs in a single space. They're also great for turning on overhead lights that are too far above to catch movement.

There are many switch designs available. Most of them require more complicated installation processes, but there are snap-on models. Just slip them over the wall plates and they'll automatically operate.

Art Deco Night Lights

Wireless Motion-Detecting Lights

These lights are convenient for areas with no available sockets. They're wireless and completely battery-powered, so you can place them anywhere you want. They're also simple to install, depending on the model. Some are designed to be secured to the wall with screws. Others have a more flexible stick-on feature. Just peel back their adhesive cover and attach them to a clean surface.

You can put them in unusual spots where it's inconvenient to have wired lights. For example, you can place them in the bathroom where its impractical to install a device with power cables. They can be affixed to tight places, like closets, at the back shelves of a bookcase, or even in cabinets. These can also be used to line your hallway, as you can utilize many units in one area without having them share a socket.

With these motion sensor devices, your space will be much safer for your senior family members. Contact Wallplate Warehouse to inquire about which automatic light switch wall plate is best for your home.

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