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Decorative Switch Plate Gallery You Will Love

Filligree Aged Bronzed Cast 2-Toggle Wallplate

If you’re looking for a way to quickly update the look of a room — or an entire home — a great place to start is with switch plates. Easy to install and very reasonably priced, you can breathe new life into a house or apartment by replacing your tired, old plastic plates with new, decorative wall plates. Wallplate Warehouse has an impressive variety of styles to match and accentuate the look of every room in your house. Here are just a few examples of what you can expect to find when you shop for wall plates decor online.


If you like the classic look of bronze, you’re going to love all the different styles that we have to offer in our collection of bronze switch plates. You can keep it simple and straightforward with the Elan Aged Bronze Cast, or embrace a more 19th-century design with the Georgian or Imperial Bead Tumbled Aged Bronze Cast. As opposed to plastic, bronze is resilient and will never crack. All you have to do is screw them in, and you’ll be amazed at the difference.


Perhaps nothing has the effect of modernizing a room more than nickel switch plates. Of course, how you’d like to modernize a particular room is entirely up to you. Our Twill Nickel Cast Metal style switch plate looks very contemporary — as does the Steps Satin Nickel Cast switch plate. For something a little more Art Deco, however, you might prefer the Embossed Line Antique Nickel Steel plate. Whatever the style you choose, nickel has a streamlined look about it that brightens up any room.


When shopping for decorative wall plates online, you’ll want to have as wide a range of options as possible, and when it comes to versatility, you can’t beat copper. Copper can look lean and minimalistic like the Raw Copper and Century Brushed Copper Steel wall plates or decorated with intricate designs such as the Enchantment Horizontal Copper and the Bamboo and Bamboo Forest Copper plates. There’s no limit when it comes to colors, either. Copper wall plates can be found in traditional copper, as well as blue, green, red, and several combinations.


Of all the materials available for wall plates, the last you might have expected is stone. While actual stone is probably a weak choice for a wall plate, the look of stone has been perfectly emulated by our resin and die-cast stone style wall plates. The rustic, homey look of Noche Tumbled Cast Stone or Ivory Cast Stone wall plates are ideal for country styled kitchens and bathrooms, as well as living and dining rooms that could benefit from a more understated approach.

Cappucino Cast Stone 3-Toggle Wallplate


Another completely unique style of wall plate, any home can be improved with the look and feel of real wood. Whether you want a New England style beach house approach with the Savannah Distressed White Wood or the country cabin feeling you can get from our oak, ash, or alder wood wall plates, you can always find one to fit your individual needs.

Of course, half the fun of picking out wall plates is the browsing. Check out the remarkable collection of decorative wall plates from all the leading wall plates manufacturers you can only find at Wallplate Warehouse. Peruse through our selection online, or call today at (888) 643-3744.

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