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Switch Plate Upgrades That Prove It’s All in the Details

Detailed Wallplate

You’re probably so accustomed to your white plastic light switch covers that you can’t imagine them ever contributing to the look of a room. After all, the switches and their switch plates aren’t meant to be stylish, just functional, right? But while those switch plate covers don’t take up a lot of space, they can make a big statement if you upgrade them. As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” Here are just a few examples of how you can upgrade those light switch covers to pull a room together.

Go Metallic

There’s a reason that most builders will default to those white plastic switch plates—they’re cheap. Unfortunately, they can look pretty cheap too. Mass-produced, cookie-cutter covers may get the job done, but they certainly don’t add any style. So, instead, consider upgrading to a metal switch cover. Metal is stylish, durable, and adds more flair to any room.

A wallplate cover in the right type of metal can pull a room together by complementing the other metal accents in the room. For example, do you have brass plumbing and lighting fixtures in your kitchen? How stunning would that room look with matching brass switch plates? You’ll be surprised by just how well this small detail can pull a room together.

Try Black

White might be the default, but have you considered black instead? Right now, one popular home décor trend is painting your house’s doors—which are also traditionally white—black instead. It creates a beautiful contrast to walls painted in lighter shades of gray and white. Now imagine how well black light switch covers would compliment this trend. If you’re considering painting your doors black, upgrading your light switches could be the perfect little detail to tie it all together.

Paper Them

Wallpaper has also begun making a comeback in home décor, harkening back to styles from decades past. But at the same time, people want a nice, seamless look to a room, which is hard to achieve if you have a stark white light switch breaking up your beautiful floral patterns. Instead, opt for a light switch cover that you can add wallpaper to. These can allow your switch covers to blend beautifully with your walls so that you can have a continuous, beautiful pattern throughout the room.

Go Vintage

If you’re going for a vintage decorating style, white plastic doesn’t fit in. Instead, you could upgrade your switch covers to vintage design, such as resin or a bronze cast with an intricate filigree design. This style would work beautifully with a room decorated in an old-fashioned style.

If your white light switches aren’t working with your room’s décor, buy decorative light switch covers instead. While it may seem like a small detail, you’ll be amazed at how big of a difference it can make in your interior design. Check out our online stock to find a decorated light switch cover to match your home décor today.

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