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Top Reasons to Replace Your Electrical Wall Outlets

3-Toggle Brass Wallplate

Electrical wall outlets seem fairly unremarkable. You use them every day. Even when you’re not actively plugging and unplugging objects like your phone into your wall, most of your appliances and electronics rely on electrical wall outlets consistently. And yet most people don’t put much thought into these wall features. That’s likely because they always seem to work. But what happens when they don’t? What if it’s time to replace your wall outlets and upgrade to safer, more durable, and better-looking options like brushed nickel wall plates?

Why would you do such a thing? Here are the top reasons why it may be time to replace the electrical wall outlets in your home or business.

They’re Broken

Builder-quality electrical wall outlets, like a great deal of builder-quality items, are as flimsy as they can get away with being--without necessarily looking poor-quality. So, if you’ve moved into a brand-new home or business, it won’t be long before the electrical wall outlets in every room start to bend, crack, or fall off the wall entirely. That’s because these basic outlets are likely made of thin and brittle plastic. Day after day of plugging and unplugging into the sockets can damage them through no fault of your own. Add to this the fact that the electrical boxes--the wires and receptacles behind the outlet plates--are often builder-quality, too, and you have crooked and unstable objects moving behind the wall outlets. Enough shifting around and the wall outlet plate will crack or fall off the wall.

They’re Dangerous

Electrical wall outlets are designed for safety, and they tend to serve their purpose. That is until they break. Cracked or crooked wallplates can trap dust, dander, and other objects that become kindling for electrical fires. Of course, if your outlet plates are undersized, that’s another problem entirely. The exposed receptacles inside can trap dust and...well, you know what can happen next. Beyond a fire, a short-circuit may also occur, a problem that may not be dangerous but will certainly force you to call an expensive electrician for repairs. If you see cracks or spaces around the plates, upgrade a larger, durable nickel wallplate.

They’re Old

If your home or business occupies an older building, then you’re in the clear, right? No scheming mass-builder shortcuts will get you down? Actually, there’s an entirely different set of problems that can affect older electrical wall outlets, even if you’re confident that your structure was built with care. They may overheat or char if they’re old enough--although this may be attributed to an old wiring issue.

Or the outlets may be outdated-looking, like those unfortunate yellow-beige or hot pink plates that were everywhere in the 1980s. So, what can you do? Upgrade to a newer, more stylish option like a brushed nickel light switch or outlet plate.

2-Toggle Brass Wallplate

It’s Time for a Change

Finally, you might want to upgrade your electrical wall outlets and plates for a simple change of scenery! Upgrading dull plates that fade into the background with attractive, well-designed nickel switchplates, for instance, can make a difference in every room. Modernize your home, replace an unsightly plastic cover with a higher-end material like bronze or stone, and match your outlet plates to your light and plumbing fixtures. There are so many benefits to shopping for nickel switchplates, bronze wall plates, and other stylish wallplate products. But where should you shop? Visit Wallplate Warehouse online to explore a vast selection of durable, long-lasting, and--best of all--beautiful electrical outlets for every room.

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