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What Makes Switch Plates an Important Part of Home Decor?

Switch Plates Home Decor

Here’s a quick riddle for you: what’s one thing that can be found in every single home, from the barest tiny home to the most luxurious mansion? The answer: electrical outlets and switches. Yes, electricity is here to stay and access to electricity requires switches and outlets. Switches and outlets are protected by wallplates and switch covers. If you haven’t thought about this much lately, you might be tempted to assume that the best design strategy for wallplates and switch plates is to blend them into the wall or to place them where they are somewhat hidden to minimize their visual impact. This is why plastic white and ivory wallplates are by far the most common choices. “Fancy” homes might take these plastic plates up a notch by painting them to match the wall color or covering them with wallpaper. But, beyond that, you’re stuck with plain old, plain old.

A far, far better choice is to embrace light switch plates and make them part of your décor. Today’s designers don’t ignore wallplates, they embrace them. They don’t hide covers away or camouflage them; they let them shine, sometimes quite literally, and play a subtle but important role in the overall design of the room. The wide variety of features and materials available for wallplates means you can be as intentional in your choice of switch plates as you are about color schemes, furniture styles, and lighting.

Wallplates and Home Décor

Light switch covers are a simple, relatively inexpensive way to add style to your home. As an added benefit, it’s a change you can easily make yourself. Small details like stylish and attractive switch plates are a subtle but effective upgrade to any home.

Natural Materials

There’s nothing particularly attractive about shiny plastic wall plates to begin with and the look only diminishes with age. Plastic plates have a tendency to yellow and crack and the screws that hold them in place lose their paint. Natural materials like wood, brushed nickel, stone, and bronze will look as good in ten, twenty, or thirty years as they do today. Wallplates made from natural materials resist cracks, won’t discolor, and generally have a lower profile and sit closer to the wall than plastic.

Additional Features

Not only can you choose from a wide variety of beautiful materials, you can also use switch plates to add useful features to your home. Install boxes and switch plates that accommodate a USB port so you can make charging your devices more accessible and convenient. Convert any outlet in your home to a nightlight with a nightlight wallplate. These innovative plates emit a soft, subtle light from the bottom using an automatic sensor that detects low light conditions and never needs to be adjusted. With these outlet covers, you’ll never stumble around in the dark again. You can even find touchless switches that turn on and off with the wave of a hand, a particularly useful feature especially in the age of COVID.

Make the Switch Today

You use your switches and outlets every day. You’ll love the way new covers look and feel every time you use them. Wallplate Warehouse has an outstanding collection of sophisticated wallplates and switch covers in every material, configuration, style, and color. You’ll love our selection, our prices, and our customer service. Upgrade your home today with new wallplate covers from Wallplate Warehouse. Don’t waste one more moment looking at old and worn out switch plates. Bring your home décor into the 21st century with stylish outlet and light switch covers made for modern homes.

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